Jihad or Crime Wave?

The recent and very disturbing attempt to destroy an American plane in flight by the Nigerian muslim raises again the issue of how we approach this war on terror or police action against felons.  The Detroit incident continues a very worrisome approach by the current guy in the White House of pretending that the Muslims are just fine and that only a few crazies make trouble for us.  This as opposed to the notion that they are basically our adversaries who should be watched, monitored and repelled with vigor at the slightest provocative action.

Once the actions of the Muslim terrorist were known and he was taken off the plane I believe he should have been turned over to the military and taken to Gitmo.  This should have occurred in a matter of hours or at least within a couple of days.  He was not simply some crazy on a plane or an extortionist trying to ransom the plane or passengers for money.  By all accounts he was educated and was not poor.  This has been a pattern for some time now.  Many of the 9/11 Muslim radicals were educated and were not from the Slumdog neighborhood.  Same with those Muslims who bombed London and Madrid.  The five men from Virginia that were arrested in Pakistan fall into the same category.  The young man in Dallas arrested recently for trying to blow up a major sky scraper was not a peasant or illiterate.  The list goes on and on.  Yet we continue to hear that it is poverty and misery that propels these people into radical monsters determine to kill “infidels”.   That is a myth.  History would teach otherwise and you know what they say about folks who ignore the lessons of history.  The fact is that Islam is not compatible with Western culture.  Why do you think we have been more or less in a state of war with Muslims since the 7th century?  There is not a single century since its inception that there has not been major clashes or outright wars between Muslims and the West.  Have we been evil and oppressors against them for 14 centuries?  

This guy has been arrested by the FBI and held on felony charges in the US.   That means of course that he is not being treated as the combatant that he truly is.  He is a soldier in the Jihad war against the US.  He will be afforded all the rights of criminal defendants.  The first job of any nation is the security of its citizenry.  That includes the protection of the borders from those it chooses not to allow entry which is each nation’s prerogative and in time of war to defend its citizens from attack following only the accepted rules of war.  The Rules of War do not prevent interrogation of captured enemy soldiers especially if they have information that will aid our forces in the fight.  This guy will provide no information and common sense would dictate that he has information that would aid us in locating and killing or capturing those that wish us harm.  At a minimum we sure should find out everything we can about his training or encouragement he found in Yemen.  Maybe he has the location of an Al Qaeda training camp, maybe not. 
But now we will never know.  Shame on those in charge if another assault is made from a training camp for the soldiers of Islam that we could have destroyed if he had been made to talk with some positive encouragement.   Who exactly are we protecting?   The hurt feelings of our enemies or US citizens. 

We are not going to win any public relations war with Al Qaeda.  Like Tommy Lee Jones told Harrison Ford in “The Fugitive” when he was informed by Ford that he was innocent–they don’t care.  They don’t care what we think about them.  Our existence, our culture, our view of politics and the world is offensive to them and they believe they have a religious duty to eliminate us because our very existence is an affront to their God.    Almost three hundred souls were saved by happenstance and malfunctioning underwear.  Allow our armed forces to do their job which is to destroy our enemies.  Let’s use every resource at our disposal to identify and destroy them first.  That Nigerian is not worthy of a trial in an American courtroom.  We shot captured German saboteurs during the War after only a summary military trial.  This guy should be examined and dealt with the same way.  We don’t need to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, only that he attacked the US or its citizens. 

It is sad when the people are braver than their leaders.   I don’t want more assurances that our “system” is working, I want to go on the offense.  www.olcranky.wordpress.com


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