2 Cents Worth for December ’09

Still scattershooting with these ideas and opinions that are worth at least the advertised price.

With the price we just paid to Nebraska for Nelson’s vote on the Health Care bill we should own the State.  I mean it will add up to billions of dollars over time.   How much can all the assets in Nebraska be worth?  At least that would be an honest trade.

Very interesting that the new guy in the White House came home from the Copenhagen climate summit to about 20 inches of snow on the ground and the largest snow storm in a century.  No telling how much snow they would have gotten without the global warming effect.  Maybe they should be grateful on the East Coast that we are warming up or they would have been buried in the white stuff.  Of course it might make a great sanctuary for that handful of polar bears left.

The Woods family might have the wrong member on the professional golf tour.  Elin clearly has a great hip and shoulder turn with her swing with the three iron.  She got great power out of her swing.  Its not easy to break those new shatterproof windshilds.   She could knock the ball a mile I bet.

Strange economic times we live in.  The dollar has zoomed up against the Euro in the last week or so, but at the same time the interest rate for the 10 year treasury note has zoomed also to 3.75%.   The dollar is strong (compared to what?) and weak compared to things they people can use or develop like carbon energy or gold.  

These green folks can’t seem to all get the memo at the same time and on the same subject.  Feinstein is pushing to close off huge swaths of desert land to any development.  The very same area that renewable energy gurus had been pushing to build giant solar farms.  Hmm, they hate dirty nasty carbon energy and love those open spaces but watch the fit they throw if the heated jacuzzi goes cold. 

It will sure be interesting the first time they arrest a very healthy twenty-five year old who didn’t have health insurance and didn’t pay the fine on his income tax return.  He might say it was just an honest mistake and appeal the ruling all the way up the food chain at the IRS to the Secretary of the Treasury–our very own Tim Geithner.  Let’s see now, he owed how much again in unpaid back taxes when he was confirmed as Secretary?   You know how all the U. S. Attorneys love those photo ops when the make a big arrest and start a prosecution.  You think they will leak the arrest of the health insurance tax cheat to the press so they can witness that pick up?  Will they have the FBI barge in with full body armor and automatic weapons the way they do for those really dangerous felons like Allen Stanford.  They do love to pretend they are arresting John Dillinger every time. 

How did those old seaman ever survive those trips in the North Atlantic or around the Horn when it was so cold all the time and they could never dry out anything?  They sure didn’t have GoreTex in those days and there was no electric heating on board.  They wore wool and linen and leather.  Then climbing up into the masts to set the sails must have been so brutal.  We get all bent out of shape if the weather makes us cold for 10 minutes and we wrap up in those insulated jackets.   The fires were few because of the danger and often they had no coal anyway for the small stoves they were permitted.  But they did get their daily allowance of grog which by the way was a diluted drink of rum and water.

Early prediction that Pelosi will not be the next Speaker of the House.  The Dems will retain control but the loses will be enough to shake their confidence and much of the blame for the losses will be attributed to her.  She is less popular than Bush Two was at the end.  The Dems will want a new “face” out in front of the cameras.   The jockeying for position will start by next Memorial Day.

We are such a hodge podge in the US.  In the earliest days of settlement you will recall that it was the Dutch in addition to the English that were settling our east coast along with the Spanish in Florida.  Shortly after the settlement in New York by the Dutch there was another settlement in modern day Wilminton.  The expedition was lead by a man named Minuit who was of French extraction but grew up in Germany and then immigrated to Holland where he was employed by the Dutch West Indies Company.  He was an official for a few years in New York for the company.  Then he left under a bit of a cloud.  The King of Sweden also wanted in on the action in the new world and organized an expedition to carve out an enclave for Sweden on our east coast and Minuit was the leader.  They landed and built and fort and trading p0st on the Deleware river at our Wilminton.  To this day it is still called Swede’s Landing.



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