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It appears we will have some sort of health reform bill in the near future.  Forgetting all the political and indeological arguments I do wonder how much more it will cost each of us.  The free lunch analogy will apply here like it does to everything.  To pay for all those without coverage who say they can’t afford it will cost something and there is only one place the money can ultimately come from–you and me.  Regardless of how it is structured or the nomenclature used the cost will be passed to us directly or indirectly.

With health care I note that the Dems still will not allow an amendment to specifically deny coverage to illegal aliens.  In my home county I pay $1500.00 per year for the county hospital tax and that facility’s patients are now majority illegals.  I got no problem with charity for anyone.  But I do have a real problem with pre natal care for months before delivery and other like medical services.  Mexico should be responsible for its own health care issues. 

Have you noticed the gyrations of the players in the NFL lately?  They are getting more and more animated with each passing year.  I found it appalling and disgusting myself.  Sportsmanship should be a vital part of any sporting activity.  This fist pumping, jumping around like rabbits in heat and finger pointing is narcissitic and self promotion.  A gentleman or real man should never act that way especially after he has done something well.  A simple handshake with teammates, a slap on  the back or wave of the hand is enough.  They can yell with their teammates as loud as they want.   Just don’t “play” to the audience.  It is becoming more like WWF every week.  A vaudeville of true athletic contests.

I wonder why the Army and Marines don’t bring back the Browning Automatic rifle as part of their regular arms for the combat platoons and companies.  Talk with any of the older vets from WWII or Viet Nam and you will  find they loved those heavy 50 caliber machine guns and that Browning.  Those modern rifles are about the size of a .22 and have no “knock down” or killing power.  Those heavy bullets from the Browning will go through walls and certainly bring down the opponent in a firefight.  Ask the soldiers that is what they want in those moments of sheer terror when the bullets are flying.   Each platoon should have at least one of them.

Have you noticed how no matter when Easter comes there is always a cool spell that accompanies it?  Whether it is an early one in March or late in the third week of April it seems mother nature also wants us to pull out the sweaters one last time before the settling in of warm weather.

Why do I so often have to sit beside someone on the plane who chews gums incessantly?  Not only do you have to see the movement of their jaws but inevitably they smack and slurp the gum.  I don’t care if they chew but put a sack over their head at least so I don’t have to particiapte.

There is something always so refreshing and invigorating about standing up high on the mountain side in Colorado or the other western states and lookint out over the great vistas.  There is one spot on the highway from Colorado Springs as you head west toward Breckenridge where you can stop and see for at least 50 miles across a wide valley and up to the next range of mountains.  It is like looking at the Grand Canyon.  At least for a few moments the politics and worries of the economy don’t seem so bad as you sit there and take in the view.

Will the US dollar slowly evaporate like a drying lake bed during a drought or will it collapse quickly in an avalanche?  Current policy from D. C. and the Treasury and Fed are weakening the dollar and the continuing deficits for everything on the Dems wish list and the soaring debt guarantee the fall of the dollar.  That fall will damage our economy for years and years regardless of any other factor.  Others around the world will suspect, rightly so, that we will be tempted to either simply print more money to pay off the debt with cheaper dollars or else tax ourselves into oblivion and that will likewise curtail any economic growth.  Unless the course is changed within a couple of years it will be too late to stop this disaster.  The correction will take a generation.   If you think things are difficult now wait until the dollar has been devalued by 30% in the next few years.  Try getting a job then.

It is time to revive the idea of a national Constitutional convention.  Most folks only think of the method of amending the Constitution by the 2/3rds of each house of Congress and then  a submission to the States for approval by 3/4ths of them.  But there is the alternate method of having 2/3rds of the States demand the call for a convention to propose amendments.  There was growing talk of considering that in the late ’70’s which most of you won’t recall but then Reagan came and the need and seeming need for it diminished.  Now with the polarization of the nation growing more apparent with each passing day perhaps it is time to finally do that.  The basic amendments would allow the country to split along ideological lines and each area implement its own version of the welfare state or not.  Then we wouldn’t have to argue so much with each other.  Those who want a socialized society could have it and if they thrive good on ’em.  Others could take a different path.  The Dems could allow every illegal in their areas to instantly become voters and citizens if they wanted.  Of course with the division of the political power they really wouldn’t need those votes any more; one wonders if they would be as anxious to include them if they didn’t bring needed political clout to the table.  The Dems would already run their areas.  The common defense and other vital issues of interstate commerce would remain a national matter as long as it would work. 

“The iniquities of the wicked ensnare him, he dies for lack of discipline, and because of his great folly his is lost”  Proverbs   www.olcranky.wordpress.com

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