Resolve, Revolution and Hope

Some are delighted with the direction the country is taking at the moment.  They relish the growth of government and believe the more laws, regulations and central control the better.   They believe that government truly can and should be our nanny from the cradle to the grave.  They apparently don’t trust the people to do the right and intelligent thing over the long haul and that the guiding hand (within the velvet glove) of government is responsible for making our decisions for us and to make sure that everyone gets across the finish line.  It is like those modern soccer teams where everyone gets a medal even if they come in last place in a 10 team league.   I love letting kids play and have fun as much as anyone and more than most but I also respect reality and acknowledge superior achievement.   We all don’t win the race every time and everyone does not come in first place.   Lo, it has been since the first guy brought home his kill to the cave and shared it only with those he cared for, or out of charity or those who helped with the kill.  The lazy and stay behinds got the leftovers.

Standing firm against government intrusion and oppression can succeed.  It takes resolve of only a few to lead the way and show a better way.   Some of that has started now within our nation and hopefully it will grow.  We are becoming so politically correct that we can’t discriminate any longer between the good and the bad.  The left thinks it is all relative and its not the fault of the wrong doer anyway, it is their terrible envoirnment which the government is obligated to improve.   The recent tragic and senseless death of the teenager in Chicago is a case in point.  There have already been those who don’t find fault with the murderers but rather are blaming the society of the murderers.  It is there poverty or lack of jobs or good schools that caused the death and murder, not the individuals who struck the death blows.  No one is repsonsible anymore it seems but only collectively do we have responsibility.  I don’t know about you but I don’t feel responsible for that death.  I am sickened by it and believe each murderer should get his due and I don’t even want to hear about what a hard life he has.  That attitude ends up justifying anything.

The oppression we face in our country now is more subtle than that we faced when we had our first revolution in the 18th century but just as real.  If the current path continues we will end up in truly a 1984 scenario.  Ask yourself, is there any limit to what those on the left believe the government should control?  Do they show more than a passing nod to the rule of law and our Constitution?  The concept of Federalism is lost on them and they consider it an inconvenient truth best ignored in practice.  Note the takeover of the major banks and then the car makers.  Does anyone really believe that GM was a “financial institution” when Government, Inc. advanced the TARP money to it.  Now they are attempting to require that you buy a service, to wit: medical insurance and if you don’t you will be fined and imprisoned if not paid.  Will they next require that everyone devote 30 days a year to working for VISTA  or face fine and imprisonment?   You think that is a joke?  If they can do the other why not that.

In the fifth century A. D. when Attila the Hun was in full power over vast reaches of the Roman Empire he dominated that former ruler of the known world.  He humiliated them.  The Roman Empire by then was divided into the western and eastern sections with Constantinople and Rome as the centers of each.  Rome had already been sacked by the Huns and Attila forced tribute payments from the Romans in each section on an annual basis under threat of renewed invasion and rapine. Theodosius was the emperor of the eastern empire and bowed to all the demands of Attila.  It was humbling and disgraceful that no effort was made to repel him or fight for any kind of rule of law. 

Even at this late date the Romans still had a respect for at least the appearance of the rule of law.  The western empire already had ceded wealth and influence to Attila to assuage his thirst for power and glory.  The eastern empire still had resources and armies but it lacked the collective will and importantly firm and stout hearted leadership to fight back.  All the eastern empire was required to render unto Attila tribute, slaves and acknowledge his sovereignity  over them.  But one city and area would not bend their knees or neck to the sword of oppression.  It wa Azimus in Thrace which in now northern Greece.  They fought back against Attila and made their own forays against his armies.  The Huns decided it wasn’t worth the fight there because of the strong resistance.  This was a small area compared to the total eastern empire.  Attila put pressure on Theodosius to reign in the rebel area or he threatened a new invasion.   Theodosius had to admit that he no longer controlled the rebel region of Azimus.   The people of Azimus brought Attila to the bargaining table.  They got back their captives and cattle and were left in peace.  If only the rest of the eastern empire had the same backbone as those few brave souls history might have been changed and the Roman Empire might have endured even longer.  A few brave men can make a difference.  A few brave men can preserve their freedoms and rights and protect their own culture and way of life if they have the courage to stand against even the largest foe.  Remember David and Goliath.  If you are worried about whither we head today in the USA then take heart from this tale and know that standing firm and resisting does have its rewards.

You have heard that every cell in your body carries the dna to reproduce everything else in your body.  That is almost true.  Most cells do have everything they need to reproduce themselves with two exceptions.  The sperm and eggs cell need each other to recreate.  Likewise your blood cells can’t recreate themselves without the action of the bone marrow.


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