Some Weeks Are Tougher Than Others

When I reflect back sometimes on the adventures in life I wonder where I got the physical energy to do some of the things I did.  The very thought of them these days makes me exhausted.  I suppose it has something to do with be young and full of spit and vinergar.  My last semester in law school I had a job as a clerk and thought I would have a position there upon graduation.  I was graduating a little early because I had attended classes year round in order to get out and start making some money.  We had a first daughter that last semester and had bought a small and modest tract house in the suburbs. Weird to realize that our car payment then was more than the house payment.  I got fired because I asked for a 50 cent an hour raise that fall and the big boss after approving it when I asked decided that somehow I tricked him into granting me that raise.  I took the first job I could find which turned out to be in Santa Fe, NM.  I didn’t have the luxury of being picky and it was a pretty place. 

So, I graduated from law school in December of ’66 without a job and grim prospects.   I felt lucky to have landed the job in NM.  At that time there weren’t a lot of positions for young lawyers.  I worked part time as a clerk and we were fortunate to sell the house and broke even on the deal.  That was a huge burden off my back.  Thank you again Lord.   Then there was the bar exam which was scheduled for the first of March and the move to NM for the new job.  I couldn’t afford to take a bar exam preparation course.  I wish I could have.   Almost all my buddies for law school did it.  I studied as best I could at home with the new baby and between the work.  It was far from an ideal situation and it worried me but that was the way it was.  I didn’t have the $300.00 for the course.  In those days the bar exam was only given twice a year and only in Austin regardless of your domicile.  I went there with a couple of buddies the weekend before and crammed all weekend.   The exam was Monday through Wednesday and lasted all day each day.   The circumstances of the exam are another tale entirely.  We finished the exam on Wednesday afternoon and I drove home that night and was glad to see the wife and baby and was exhausted.  Slept  that night like the dead.

The next day we were up early and spent the entire day packing and loading the truck for the move to Santa Fe.  That was tiring.  We went to my brother in law’s for a dinner that night.  Right after dinner we hit the road.  We had a Karman Ghia at that time.  Fun car but not very practical.  Our daughter slept most of the way in the back on the shelf there.  They are very small.   I drove all night.  It was a thirteen hour drive and we arrived early Friday morning.   We checked into a cheap motel and slept only a couple of hours because we had to find a rent house.  I was to start work the next week.  We finally find a place that afternoon and did all the paper work.  Our truck with our things was due to arrive the next day and we had to have someplace.  The timing and pressure was very tight.   Around dinner time our daughter starting throwing up and had diarrhea.  She was dehydrating quickly and badly.   We had to take her to the hospital and called a doctor we did not know naturally.  He was recommended by the motel staff.   She was there all night hooked up to IV’s and cried without letup.  She was wrapped in towels and blocked into position with sand bags.  There was no sleep that night in the hospital.  Thankfully she was alright the next morning and we were able to leave but naturally worried as young parents.  The cost was a whole other worry for me.  

We made it back just in time to get out of the motel and then over to the new rent house to meet the truck.  We spent the day unloading the truck and moving everything into the house.  We didn’t get every box unloaded but we got the kitchen done, the bedrooms set up and the bathrooms organized.  We worked quite late into the night.   I got a little sleep.  I was too tired to sleep and had worries on my mind.

You see the next morning at 8 am I had to be at the Supreme Court for the NM bar exam.  I took two bar exams back to back from one week to the next.   Needless to say I had not studied one lick for the NM exam.  I was not exactly in the best mood for taking a bar exam.   We were still worried about our daughter and there was everything to do at the house to finish the move.  Well, ready or not those folks started the bar exam right on time.   It also took three days but it did finish at noon on Wednesday.  I really don’t remember sleeping Monday or Tuesday night, I guess I did, I do remember thinking that I should take every moment I could to study some but there was still all that work at the house to get it organized.  I finished the exam and then waited along with everyone else at a local pub for the results.  NM gave the results the same day you finished.  Of course there were only about 20 of us taking it because NM is so small.  They graded strictly on a pass fail method and the results were posted late in the afternoon.  I passed.  I wouldn’t know the results from Texas for a couple of months.  They were much slower.

The next morning, Thursday, was my first day due at work at my new position.  I was going with the State Highway Commission on the legal staff.  I am not making this up.  The headline in the Santa Fe Journal that morning read “Two Highway Commissioners Indicted for Fraud” .  That was my new employer.  Boy what a great start.  We moved back after 6 months.  I did pass the Texas bar and learned of that in May.  I guess I ate lots of vegetables and took my vitamins to make it past all that.  I would hate to try and repeat those two weeks again.

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  1. the daughter

    You are the most loving and devoted father I have ever known.

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