Health Care Reform and Shakespeare

The Bible and Shakespeare are the best reference tools for any debater or proponet or opponent of any cause.  The Bard had something to say that fits almost every occasion and circumstance.  As the nation debates the health care package propounded in HR 3200 we might wish to take heed to his words and their portent.

You have read or heard by now that the administration is now taking a new tack in trying to sell its health care takeover by Government, Inc.  They are pushing now the moral and religious imperative as they see it that requires all good Christians to support health care because that is the Christian or moral thing to do.  I for one don’t like to preached too by anyone except from the pulpit and even then I think I am repsonsible for my own theology.  It is too easy to have it spoon fed by others.  The priesthood of the believer is my doctrine.  It is my job, not someone else’s, to determine as best I can God’s revealed will.  The Bard had a warning about those who invoke the divine for political purposes–  “The Devil can cite Scripture for his purpose”.  I don’t know if the new guy in the White House is the devil but his preaching doesn’t jibe with my beliefs.  Charity I support, social engineering and wealth redistribution with a bayonet at my back I do not support.

Naturally, it pulls at the heart strings to hear of those in need due to health problems.  It should.  But those emotions don’t justify a greater evil by surrenduring our freedoms in exchange for alleged help from the government.  That false appeal belies the true agenda which is another huge expansion of government into every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave.  “O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath”.

As soon as the Town Hall meetings started there was a great hue and cry from the Dems that evil mongers and organized “special interests” were behind all the protest.  They expressed great suspicion at the legitimacy and genuiness of the people expressing their opposition.  You are aware as much as me of the vilification of those people; the suspicions the Dems tried to plant in the minds of everyone.  Well, the Bard would remind that–“Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind”.

The proponents are asking us to trust them and believe that their incredibly complex proposal with its arcane provisions is a great improvement over our current health system.  All acknowledge that the current system sure could use an upgrade.  But the proposals go well beyond fixing the known problems and allow the government to dictate the terms of all decisions down the road.  Even though we have current problems you should remember “Tis better to bear the ills we have than fly to others that we know not of”.    I would caution us all to heed that advice and fix the known ills rather than open the floodgates to government regulation.

Please read the Bill.  I am working my way through it still.  Don’t take my word for a thing.  I trust the people more than the Dems.  See if you can understand it.  The parts you do should cause you great concern if you don’t want bureaucrats running a very important part of your life.   That Commissioner that is set up will have powers to literally write your insurance policy, collect “data” on your, your doctor, your hospital and whatever else he thinks he needs.  Read it.  What if he decides he needs your financial data so he can better adjust the premium rates?  Be informed.  As the Bard said, “There is no darkness but ignorance”.

I know you remember well the very protest in the streets and in committee rooms, halls of Congress and anywhere there were TV cameras by the Left to protest all measure of things.  They have opposed wars, social policy, envoirnmental issues and voting and tax matters with great vigor and very loud voices.   They did so with the intent always to drown out any debate and intimidate and stop any opposition to their views.  These protests at these town hall meetings have been tame, very tame by comparison to any protests lead by Greenpeace, the Black Panthers, ACORN and a whole hosts of leftists.  They are so mad to see the Silent Majority finally rise up and raise their voices in protests.  It rankles them clearly, their ripostes have been shrill and vitriolic. They never objected to even more disturbing violence by their own kind.  Well, all I have to reply to them is the words of the Bard–“The wheel is come full circle”.  So they better get used to it.  The rise of the average Joe, as in Plumber, as only started.

I do trust the people, their common sense and inherent sense of decency. We flounder on occasion but I have great faith in our nation.  We are the children and grand children of the Greatest Generation and I believe we will not abandon or tarnish that legacy. On that note I would quote the Bard once again,

“The golden age is before us, not behind us”.


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