The Never Ending War of Muslim Aggression

You can pick up your paper virtually any day you want and see an article about turmoil and strife in or on the perimeter of the Muslim lands.  Sometimes it is between Muslim nations but  more often it is an article about Muslim fights for jihad or pushing their area of influence into regions not yet dominated by their religious views.    Today those conflicts are flaming in Gaza, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, regions of North Africa and of course Somalia, and then there is the East Indies and the ongoing terrorists attacks in Indonesia.  That is but a small sampling of the current wars being waged by Muslims against the  “West”.  The Balkans are relatively quiet at the moment but the peace there is still enforced by NATO troops on the ground and the subdivision of the region into areas where the Muslim and non Muslim populations have less interaction with one another. 

The truth is that this stuggle has been ongoing since the inception of the Muslim movement and the birth of Islam.   If you don’t know your history then shame on you, you should learn something about this expansion of Islam and its constant pressure against all comers.  The fact is that this has been a war between cultures since the 7th century and has only been interrupted by truces or intervals of calm for relatively short periods of time.  The Muslim spread their faith not with tent meetings and calls for conversion by the willing believers but by the sword.  You can trace this development from the Middle East across North Africa into Europe where they were finally stopped by Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours in France.  After that there was constant warfare between the Muslim and the Spanish for centuries.  You recall the famous El Cid who fought agains them and then the final explusion by Queen Isabella in the later 15th century.  The Muslims had coveted and attempted to take Constantinople for centuries and finally succeeded in 1453 and thus the name Istanbul since that time.  As late as 1683 the Muslims were literally on the doorstep of Vienna and the grand Muslim leaders have visions once again of taking Europe by the sword.  The Europeans finally rallied to their fellow Christians and that thrust was thwarted and the Muslims had to retreat back to their stronghold in Istanbul. 

Catherine the Great during our Revolutionary War had several wars with the Muslims in an attempt to push them back from Russia’s border and met with partial success.  In the 19th century it was Gordon at Khartom and the wars with the warlords of western India and Afghanistan that dominated the struggle.  That time frame was followed after only a generation or so with the wars between  the Palestinians and the Jews. 
The Zionist movement started in the late 19th century and continues unabated to our own age.   The Muslims have pushed back against that movement as they see it as an encroachment on their turf and a setback for their historic scheme for total domination.  If you think I am wrong about the desire for total domination then I refer you to the statements and declarations from Iran of recent years and the comments of the likes of Bin Laden.  They make it quite clear what they seek. Are those views universally and strongly denounced by other Arab and Muslim states?  The Saudis, the Yemenis, Palestinians, the Muslims in Somalia and Sudan, Syria and all corners of the Muslim world do not speak out against such views.  At best they are silent.   Occasionally some spokesman  will talk about condemning radical expressions of other Muslims but it is not often and never followed up with action to quell that bloodlust promoted by their religious brethren.  If the overwhelming majority of Muslims were opposed to 9/11 attacks and other acts of terror and the militant stance of the Iranians then those attacks and those postures would not be taken.  The Muslim leaders like all leaders can lead their peoples only where they are already inclined to go.  That is true for extended periods of time like we are discussing here.  Sure, tyrants and despots can dominate a people for a while, a generation or two at most but if the system they expouse is at heart contrary to what their people want it will falter over time.  We must take the long view of our relations with the Muslim world and one that is based on sound logic and acknowledgement of the facts as they are, not as we might wish them to be. 

We are foolish if we ever trust them for long periods of time or turn our back to our enemy.  Maybe all this will change someday.  That would be wonderful but the Muslim world has to demonstrate it does not wish to expand its dominance for an extended time–a couple of generations at least.   When you have been bitten by the dog twice what makes you think he won’t do it the third time?   Even if you have patted it and given it food and water and it purrs at your side.   Please study and read history.  Yes, I know the West has sent armies into those Muslim regions of the world on occasion.   But it has never been a jihad to eliminate them or convert them all.  Even the Crusades had only the limited goal of freeing Jerusalem.   Just add up the times it was the Muslims pushing the perimeter and how often it was the West doing the same.  You will see that it is the Muslims who have consistently, with few breaks, sought control over others and others’ lands.   Don’t take my word for any of this and please don’t rely on revisionist historians.  Do your own reading.  The facts are there.  Make your own assessment.

Will Congress continue to promote the ethanol sham?  It is not as efficient as gasoline or diesel, only about 2/3’s the power equivalent.  It totally skews the agricultural markets and makes food much higher and now sugar perhaps unobtainable.  It also can really mess up your engine.   We’ve wasted billions so far and no reduction in emissions worth counting.  A small step maybe but one that could be taken so easily and show some common sense in Washington.  Of course common sense is a rare commodity there.


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