Two Cents Worth On Everything

Again I offer my nod to Blackie Sherrod who offered his two cents worth for years on every subject known to man and some only imagined by man.

I wish someone would work with the new guy in the White House on his elocution.  He is allegedly noted for his oratory and eloquence but the media cuts him so much slack they never mention the obvious.  He can’t pronounce words very clearly or in the King’s English.  Bush was bashed constantly for his maladroit words and phrases but this guy is golden even if some of his words and phrases would make the Bard cringe in dispair.  I submit only one example.  Listen the next time he says sure.  He seems to use that word all the time.  Regrettably in comes out “shore” every time.  He needs a diction coach in the worst way.

I have lived through 13 Presidents and I can say without hesitantion that this guy talks too much and appears too much for his own good.  I am not a marketing or PR expert but you don’t have to be to know that  usually less is more.  This guy is on the TV virtually every day.  Too much exposure takes away the allure that he depended upon to get elected.  That aura of invincibility and religious devotion he inspired is fading and it will only fade more with each appearance.  The more you are around someone the more you realize that there is nothing that special about anyone.  If you have every spent some time near a “celebrity” you know what I mean.  At first it is a real rush and exciting but hang around with them enough to hear them belch and see their dirty nails and pretty soon that glitz diminishes.  He is making himself appear more and more ordinary the more often he makes these constant public appearances.  I hope he doesn’t pay any attention to this advice.

If you were making $100,000 a year but spending $200,000 each year how long do you think you could keep that up?  If there was a magic bunny that would loan you extra money each year you could keep going for as long as that credit lasted I suppose.  Would the magic bunny tire of your profligacy at some point and become weary with telling you to control your spending?   The US is spending 3.7 trillion dollars this year alone, of  that amount it is borrowing 1.8 trillion for its budget.  The same scenario is projected for as far as you can see with little reduction in the borrowing but the plans for new “toys” by the Washington crowd appears insatiable.

I wish we had Will Rogers and Bob Hope around these days to pull these politicians down a peg or two.  Clearly Rogers never met Obama or he would have revised his comment about never meeting someone he didn’t like.  Hope was wonderful at that one line zinger to remind them that they were mortals and not immortals.

The US Constitution is about 10 to 15 pages long depending on the type still and spacing.  It established a new and complete form of government.  It is both expansive and quite concise.  Even with the changes in language over the centuries most literate people can read it and understand it.  Some one explain to me why it takes over a 1000 pages to write a health care reform bill.  Please, please also be aware that the bill sets up numerous agencies and bureaus that will have the authority to write regulations that will have the force of law unless and until a Court specificially voids any such regulation.  If it is that long it is too complicated.  Do you need more complication in your life?

Some things grow from the very small to the giants.  You know what a 7/11 is.  That huge chain started as nothing more than an ice house in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, Texas almost a century ago.  They started selling a few other items along with the ice and voila, now there are thousands of them around the world.  We had an ice box when I was a kid. Not a refrigerator but an ice box.  Dad would bring the block of ice and it went into an upper compartment where we kept the items that needed the most cooling and the lower portion was for the other things.  They were lined with tin and had a drain hole to a pail under the ice box that we emptied every day.

Liz Taylor was probably the most beautiful movie star ever.  Look at some of her old flicks and you’ll see what I mean.  That dark hair and almost purple eyes were mesmerizing. 

Europe has some amazing sights and architure.  But I will take the Grand Tetons or the Grand Canyon any day and compare them with the cathedral of Rheims.

The constant push is for everyone to go to college.  It has become a holy grail with some of the political types.  If that day of glory every comes I wonder who will repair that plumbing leak under your house, or fix that distributor on your car, or paint your house?   Hmm, do we really need everyone to have a PhD or even want that?  When did everyone become smart enough to earn a college degree?  I didn’t realize that our average IQ had risen so high.  I guess we can get imports and labor from Mars when that day comes.  Maybe Martians will make great domestic help.

Why don’t they have a mechanical back up system for the doors, locks, aerials, seats and ignitions on the cars?  It is very frustrating when some fuse or electrical glitch occurs and you can’t even adjust the seat in your car. 

The government is taking over so much of our lives I wonder if the day will come when we don’t have charities anymore.  The government will promise to take care of everything but will it deliver?   They didn’t need charities in the Soviet Union.  The very notion of some need unfulfilled was considered anti-revolutionary thinking and could land you in Siberia.


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