The Miracles of Man and Nature Will Save Us–If

The House has passed out of committee the Cap and Tax law to reduce carbon and other emissions.  This is in conjunction with and in addition to the CAFE standard increases that have  been announced by the White House to great fanfare.  All of this is done to protect us from ourselves and to save the world from Global Warming.  These folks raise their importance too high.  They believe that Man is a match for Mother Nature and can control the elements of the earth like fine tuning a watch.   They believe that Man is the cause of alleged Global Warming and that only Man can offset the cycles of the earth.   They say they believe in science but they won’t take science to its logical conclusion.  Our history is replete with advances at the most unexpected times that did revolutionize our industries and our behavoirs. 

Depending on your source the Industrial Age began in the late 18th century or the early 19th century and it brought great advantages to the life of all ordinary people.  Products and services that were only dreamed about became real.  Clothes were cheaper and more varied, transportation was upended and released from the speed of the horse by the Iron Horse.  Pots and pans and the telegraph came along and so did the telehone and the dramatic rise the in the life expectancy and wealth of the ordinary people.  Lordy, yes there were problems to be sure.  All you have to do is read your Dickens to see some of them.  But the steam boat and the transalantic cable came along with that poverty and the poverty of those ages was much less than it had been before.  All those advances were not schemed out  by Government but they were developed by the minds of men in their individual workshops, labs and homes around the Western World.   If you have read Sherlock Holmes then you are familiar with the pea soup fogs that engulfed London for decades.  That was a fact as they burned enormous amounts of coal for heat and power for their steam engines.  London was dirty and gritty but it did not last forever.  Have you been to London recently?  The sky is blue and the grit is long gone.  

I think these bureaucrats and little boys crying wolf are throwing the baby out with the bath water.  They talk on the one hand of the potential for new alternatives sources of power but they are going to enforce changes before those sources are ready and drive us back to a stone age existence.  They are going to build cars that no one wants, that no one will be able to afford and that costs more than the people can or will be willing to pay to save the world.  They talk of wind, solar, natural gas, geothermal,  clean coal technology and even nuclear power on occasion but they d0n’t have any conviction of their promised belief in these or they wouldn’t be mandating draconian measures.   They have such little faith in us.   Pour the money and energy into research or at least logical alternatives like natural gas which is abundant and a proven technology for engines at little cost.

I have an idea to save the planet and improve our health at the same time.  We could kill all the livestock and mammals.  The cattle, camels, sheep, goats, bears, elks, deer, horses, lions and tigers and of course all those pesky cats and dogs should be put to the sword to save mankind.  We are assured that it is a matter of life and death.  Well, better those animals than us.  That would save millions of tons of CO2 and methane emissions a year and we would all live on cereals, fruits, vegetables and fish.  The doctors would say that is a great idea and it would even save billions on health care.  We wouldn’t need to worry about those astronomic rises in health costs because we would all be so much hardier that the cost for high blood pressure, asthma, heart attack and stroke, obesity, etc., would drop like a stone.  That could be our energy program and health care program all wrapped into one.  The thrid world countries would just have to toe the line and conform.  We would be killing their livestock for their own good and to save the polar ice caps.  I am sure they would understand and cooperate. 

We could continue to drive our polluting cars and trucks on gas until the next Edison or Bell comes along with a new power source.  Once found you can be assured the market will disburse it quickly and efficiently.  Just like we did with the telegraph, locomotive, and penecillin we will have those steps in progress at our doorstep without the need of government decision or action. 

We are better and smarter than they think.   The best and next generation of energy production will come along in due course and the earth will endure as Mother Nature sees fit.  I don’t know if we will have an ice age, a period of severe volcanic eruptions or solar flares that fry our electronics but we will endure until the end times.

A dreamer is worthless but a man without dreams is worth less.


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