Budget Alternatives That Follow the Constitution

Ther are vocal defenders of the proposed budget of the new administration and a fair number of critics.  The defenders constantly harp that those opposed to the budget are simply saying no and not offering alternative solutions to fiscal and budgetary demands.  Well, I am happy to offer some thoughts on how to change the budget and reduce the future deficits.   I believe these few suggestions are only an example of the direction the budget could take that would improve our economy and enhance our federalist system of government. 

First we could require that every agency and department of government reduce its staff by 3%.  Yes, you heard me right, lay off people.  There would be no exceptions.   The Pentagon would not be required to reduce mililtary staff in uniform but the civilian workers there would be reduced.  Those workers remaining would take up the “slack” to the extent that there really is any slack in the first place to make up.  I personally doubt any of those government workers are all that over worked compared to those toiling in the private market place.  They have cushy jobs and they damn well know it.  Some would say “but what about the FAA or Homeland Security”?  I would answer that I firmly believe that any organization that large is ripe with more than 3% “dead wood” in the employee stock.  I am quite confident that the suprevisors could think of at least 3% of folks that they would love to can now but can’t because of all the restrictions on firing federal employees.

Second, every department and agency would be required to reduce its budget by 5%.  I mean actually reduced year over year without those phony adjustments that they put in every year for inflation.  As you all know right now they plug those increases into each year’s budget and if the increase is reduced that is considered a reduction in the Federal budget.  Don’t we all wish we could handle our personal budgets that way.  I mean in plain language that if a budget for a department was 1 billion in ’08 that it would be $950,000,000.00 for ’09.  That is a real deduction just like private business has to endure and private citizens do when their revenues are lower. 

Third, I would require Homeland Security to remove all illegal aliens from the public school systems around the country.  The Supreme Court ruled in Tyler v. Roe that they were permitted to attend schools.  But that ruling did NOT say they had a right to be in the country.  You should read that opinion for yourself by the way.  You don’t have to be a lawyer to see the tortured language and reasoning of the majority in the opinion to realize how absurd that ruling was.  In Texas alone more than 5 billion dollars are expended annually to pay for these illegals–and that estimate is way on the low side.   Don’t tell me it can’t be done.  Of course it can.  Every one of those children and their parents are committing a fraud on the citizens of the respective states each time they attend school.  It is a criminal fraud.  If you aren’t a citizen are you entitled to a loan from the Home Loan Administration?

Fourth, the following departments of government would be eliminated and shuttered: Commerce, Education, Labor and Energy.   I challengedyou to think long and hard about what benefit you receive from any of these agencies of government.  The census can be done by another branch or even the post office.  You are reminded that the Constitution has no provision whatsoever for the Federal government to be involved in the educational process.  That is a matter that is a State issue and responsibility.  It is also a right reserved to the States under the 10th amendment.  As part of this process I would require that every dime that the Federal government is spending on education in whatever form be excised from the Federal budget through tax cuts on individuals and business.  That money would not be collected in the first place and would remain with the people and the respective states.  Then the states would be free to raise their taxes as they saw fit to offset the loss of Federal funds, penny for penny if that is their wish.  The same money would be spent on education but all the decisions and the power to make decisons regarding the use of those funds would be at the State level where it is supposed to be under the Constitution in the first place.   If some states did not wish to raise their taxes in an offset amount that would be their choice.  This would put a stick in the spoke of  “national” education standards.  I for one want there to be 50 different standards.  The genius of the Federal system is the ability to innovate and experiment by all 50 states.  Let’s have that laboratory of ideas bubbling and boiling all the  time. 

That is only a few ideas and a starting point.  I bet you can make your own list of agencies and departments that could be downsized.  If the Tax Code were simplified how many employees could be canned at the IRS?   It is only because it is about 70,000 pages long that it needs that many employees.  If the standard form was only two pages long how many employees would be needed to process our returns?  How many of you have had a dispute with the IRS and sent them documents only to receive something back, late, that is non- sensical or unrelated to the issue at hand?

Lastly, we don’t need to spend all those trillions on bailouts and handouts.  If a company or bank is a loser then let it fail and the regulators deal with it or the bankruptcy court.  I for one do not buy the argument of those crying wolf in Washington.  They do that to advance their own agenda.   They rightly believe our fear makes us more maleable.   The market would have already repaired most of the damage done by now and the cost certainly wouldn’t have been any worse than the trillions Government, Inc. is expending. 

I would invite anyone to add to my thoughts on cutting the budget and deficits.  We are not sheep and I trust the people.  We  have some good ideas also even if we are not the “smartest guys in the room”.

The proposed 100 million “reduction” in a 3.7 trillion budget is an insult to our intelligence as much as the “savings” from no troops in Iraq when they aren’t going to be there anyway.  That is like me saying I am saving $50,000.00 next year because I am not going to the South of France and spend a month on chartered yacht that would cost that much.


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  1. Adam

    What about cutting back on our foreign aid by 50%?

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