Ability Will Always Prevail

So many people now are concerned with the unequal outcome of results in the lives of Americans that they are actively calling for more government intervention in every aspect of our lives to shoe -horn results into a pre -packaged outcome.   This includes the recent calls for redistribution of the wealth.  How many times do we have to repeat the same old experiment to realize that approach has always failed because it ignores the central reality that we are all born different.   You can start with the Tower of Babel.  The people then were very similar to one another and felt that had reached the highest level of achievement possible for man.  The erected the giant tower to celebrate their cleverness and and as a monument to man’s glory.  You know how that worked out.  They soon developed factions and even broke into separate language groups.  The tower came down and so did that society.  The factions split and went their separate ways to start anew. 

I guess it would be nice if we were all born with an IQ of 120 but then that would merely be the new “norm”.  Besides that we could all become cyborgs.  We would sure all be equal and have equal results for all.  We each could have a standard cubicle for rest and –well, what do cyborgs do for fun?  Where would the Michaelangelos and the Shakespeares come from in such a society?  Such a person would be deemed a danger to society because their achievements would give lie to the lab tested theory of “equality”.  Some of us are builders, some are dreamers.   Some build goods and some of us build ideas.  We have savers and we have spendthrifts.   Some nuture and protect and some are criminals.  Yes there are those who would have you believe that all those varieties of human nature and appitude could be corrected with the right envoirnment provided by and enforced by government.

At the Appomattox courthouse when Lee was forced to surrender to Grant, the adjutant for Grant was unable to write the terms of surrender because he was so nervous.  The history of the moment overwhelmed him and he couldn’t write legibly.  Grant had to call on another aide to write the document.  This young man wrote at the terms that were signed by the generals.  This young man had been with Grant since the beginning of the War.  He was born in Upstate New York a full-blooded Iroqois Indian and had obvious talents as a young man. He was sent to school and took a Christian name.  He later went to law school  but was not allowed to practice because he was an Indian.  He migrated west to Ohio and was working with the government on engineering projects when he met Grant.  Grant was then operating as a merchant but his business was failing and did fail.  When the War came Grant took this young man with him as an aide and they remained together throughout the entire War.   After the War the young man worked for the Corps of Engineers. 

This young man was named Walker and he overcame the prejudice and mistrust of his times to achieve a very successful life.  Neither the Indians or the whites totally trusted him or liked him because he straddled two cultures.  Yet in spite of these handicaps he prevailed and indeed rose to high and respected positions.  I love these success stories.    They celebrate our diversity of talents and demonstrate that sweat and perserverance can accomplish much.  Thank God we can still walk to our own drummer for the most part today but the cries for everyone to march in lockstep are growing louder.  The problem is that there are those who want to repeat the same failed experiment over and over and somehow expecting diferent results.  You know about that definition of insanity–doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  We have not only the Tower of Babel but the experiment was tried again in the 20th century by some nations.  That resulted in filling graves with countless millions who didn’t conform to the notions of the ones in charge of the experiment.  We will never have equality of results and I for one praise that.  When we do ever achieve that end we will all be cyborgs.  The heart and soul of our humanity will be gone.

Remember that there is no situation that can not be made better–maybe not perfect but better.  There are those who will sit beside the work all day and then complain about the results of the job by those who did labor.  I hope we always have the freedom to have vast differences in the results of our lives.

As my wise uncle said “the problem with doing nothing is that you can’t ever take a break and rest”.

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