Tea and Sympathy

Surely you recall the old movie of that name.  It was a bit bloated and overwrought but a real tear jerker for the ladies.  We had some tea served yesterday around the nation and the attendance revealed the sympathy the attendees have for responsible and limited government.  I have never been to any type of protest or demonstration in my life.  I am just not that type.  I am truly one of those silent majority figures.  I rant and rave but it is usually only to a captive audience like my long suffering family members.   As always is the case the press gets so much of what they report wrong. 

First I was amazed at the geographic scope of the meetings taking place around the country.  I did some research yesterday out of curiousity more than anything to see where some of these events were going to be held.  It was not organized by any party or organization so there were various websites listing the events.  I looked at those in my state and was surprised to see them being held in even the small towns across the state.  You would expect something in the major cities of Dallas, Houston, San Antonio but they were having them in Abilene, Albany, Chilicothe, Childress, Alpine, Palestine, Kilgore and hundreds of other locations.  Those aren’t big burgs and the attendance was small I assume at most of them but the fact that someone volunteered to sponsor an event and get a time and place and have it announced and then set things up is very impressive.  There were over 200 listed in Texas.  Some were in places you wouldn’t expect like El Paso. 

My wife and I decided we would go to observe and learn something.  I figured there would maybe be a few hundred people in attendance since our rally was at dinner time and many would be going home from work or just worn out from the day’s activities or not interested enough to make the journey to the central business district.   I was stunned when  we arrived.  There were thousands of people there.  I have been to the Dallas city hall plaza many times for races and can judge the size of crowds fairly well from those past experiences at the same location.   We had at least 6 or 7 thousand in attendance, maybe more.  I over heard a police officer talking with some one as we passed him on our way and he said “there is a huge crowd there, you better park where you can”.  The crowd was not Republican.  In fact one of the most criticized politicians by a speaker was a Republican State Senator who is proposing some tax increases.  I stood next to a Hispanic lady with her teen age son and some black folks were within 10 feet of me.  It was quite a cross section of America.  It was peaceful.  It was raucous and emotional and inspiring to see so many people who care about the future of the country.  I didn’t agree with all the comments of the speakers but I did agree with the overarching theme of reining in runaway government power grabs and spending that borders on the criminal.   Indeed if any of us kept our books the way that Government, Inc. does we would go to jail for fraud and money laundering.  That is not an exaggeration but a truth. They put incredible expenses off the books and mislabel and lie about others.  The books of the US government are not “a regular Statement and Account of the Receipts and Expenditures of all public Money” as required by Article One, section 9 of the Constitution.  They are anything but that. 

It is not only ridiculously high taxes that provoke the people it is the government operating now in the Don Corleone mode–making those deals too good to refuse to our private sector.  I didn’t hear any extreme views only concern about the government ignoring the rule of law and seeking to amass empircal-like powers into the maw of Washington p0liticians and bureaucrats.  AIG, GM, a Stimulus bill, and mortgage bailouts for the undeserving, deficits beyond comprehension, and Government, Inc. violating the Fifth Amendment rights of property were the thorns in the side of this crowd.   This crowd was not made up of millionaires.  I can assure you that most of them would definitely qualify as the 95% who are supposedly getting a tax break.  Yet they were there and unhappy.   No one attacked the truly needy or disparaged a charitable nature in man or government.  It was an evening about freedom versus the yoke of Government, Inc. tightening its grip on the necks of the workers and those with aspirations.  

It is tea parties this year.  There will be many more of them come July 4th.  If the government continues its march toward total control of our lives and our property then next year it will be the tax  revolt.  They can’t put us all in jail.  I mean who would they have left to steal from?   Do they think they can fund their operations from the money of that 50% who already don’t pay income taxes or those who can’t even make their mortgage payements?  As much as Geithner might despise and demean we  “wealthy” people he needs us to reach his goal of total government dominance.  If the beast won’t repsond to reason and argument then we will starve the beast. 

Tea was poured out this time.  There was no sympathy for the administration’s grand schemes to make us all lackeys of those in power in Washington.

Jesus wept.  That is the shortest verse in the Bible.  You look up what made him weep.  It will do you some good.


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One response to “Tea and Sympathy

  1. Lara

    I am so impressed. I did not know you went to this and stepped out of your box.

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