Liberal Changes To Chagrin of Conservatives

Looking at a long historical perspective it occurs to me that there is a consistent pattern in a liberal view of the political and social world.  You can start pretty much any where you like with the analysis on a timeline.  Whether it is 1850, 1900, 1940 or 2000 there is a pattern to the liberal fulminations and calls for action.  The liberals like to change the rules in the middle of the game.  If you start at any time period there will be “rules’ in place that everyone is expected to follow.  Those rules are the formal laws of the land and even the informal laws of society.  At any given point in our history there are those who find a way to flourish and thrive whatever the prevailing rules are at that time.  Naturally there are those who don’t flourish.  They bounce along at the lower levels of society economically and in social esteem.   This has been so since the birth of man.   A far smarter man than me said we would always have the poor with us.  You might recall His name.

We are born with different talents and aptitudes.  That is a fact of nature beyond any control of man.  For example someone with an 80 IQ is simply not as likely to achieve the same standing and status in society as the fellow who was blessed with an IQ of 120.  That fellow with the low score I believe does have certain rights and is entitled to the dignities of our society.    Some are born with a drive to achieve and indeed might become a “workaholic” and have financial success but abysmal familial success in life.  We are all so diverse in our abilities and motivations that it is not realistic to expect that we all will have the same “success” in life.  That success is normally measured in one’s earning capacity and has been thus for all recorded time.   Those with the higher level of talent will succeed under the rules of their time and generation.  But that disparity in achievement causes envy and resentment in those who don’t   fair as well in society.  In comes the liberal to rectify that situation.

The liberals are in a constant and repeated pattern of wanting to change the rules.  You grow up under one set in any era and along the way the liberals decide that there is not an equality of outcome for everyone.  They refuse to accept my basic premise that all are not created equal in ability even though in rights.  They change the rules to bring down those on top and to lift up those on bottom.  This evening out process is not based on merit or achievement but simply on status.   Look back over our history.  All that legislation over the past 150 years for the alleged advancement of the common  man has been to disrupt the natural striation of society.  Then everyone adopts to the new rules of the game.   Sure enough after a while the disparity still persist even under the changed rules of the game.  Then the process starts over again after a generation or so.   The Great Society of Johnson was to put an end to these descrepancies once and for all if you remember.  Lord knows enough Government goodies were handed out in one fashion or another that persist to this day.  Same with the New Deal. 

The elite liberals inherently think they are smarter than everyone else and certainly more caring about their fellow man.  They brook no disagreement with their tenets.  They believe fervently in a top down approach to the new rules everytime.  The rules are imposed from on high–the Federal Government.  They believe that they know what is best for all of us.  They believe in freedom but only so far as it makes everyone pretty much equal in their life outcome.   If there are disparities then freedom takes a back seat to whatever new rules they impose to work their equalizing strategy.  They are there for the common man.  But the elites are so removed from the common man that it is all theory not reality.  Remember when Sargeant Shriver of Kennedy family connections was going to run for President and he went to the local bar to have a few drinks with the working crowd and he order a Courvoisier brandy?  I can’t think of a better example of that attitude and detachment of the liberal elites.  Unless it is Mr. Geithner giving us that “you don’t understand” attitude about the bailouts and expansion of Treasury power beyond Constitutional limits.  He attended prestigous schools for sure but he can’t do his own taxes and he thinks we don’t understand. 

The other liberals are those that are attached to the “victimhood” outlook like a leech to a juicy leg.  It is not that they can’t achieve like the rest of us; no, they are victims of an unfair and unjust society!   Look, I accept the fact that I am NOT the smartest guy  in the room, that I can’t jump as high as some other men, that I don’t have the business acumen of T. Boone Pickens.   I believe most conservatives accept their shortcomings and will take responsibility for their achievements or the lack of them.  Many conservatives work on the railroad or drive a truck or paint your house.  They are not all country club denizens.  Liberals will not accept the differences in our innate abilities and the willingness of some to work harder than others.  So they will want the rules changed yet again.  I fear the process will go on ad infinitum.  No doubt there will be a liberal push two hundred years from now to rectify the disparities in society. 

Both camps of liberals fed on each other and need each other–the elites and the victims.  They do have a symbiotic relationship.  One can’t exist without the other.  I wish that we could someday get a set of rules that will last but the struggle will continue I fear.  The problem is that every time there are new rules there is a corresponding restriction on our choices in life and our freedoms, including the freedom to fail.

It is time to remind you again about the date for Easter.  We get so many requests for this information.   Easter Sunday is always the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox.   It is geared to the Jewish Passover which is based on the lunar calendar.  That is why Easter varies by as much as a month from year to year.


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