Music Recalled From the Nostalgia Chest

For today we will sit aside all those torments about bailouts, mortgage rescues and ballooning deficits and try to have some fun.  Since we can’t afford ski trips any more or shopping sprees we need to take our small pleasures when and where we can get them.  These selections are ones that you still hear on the radio.  They have lasted as popular classics for whatever reason.  Some are not great works of musical creation by any means but they did catch that special memory “box” in our brains that have allowed them to endure.  The following is not a ranking of popularity or worth but merely one man’s recollection.  You will have your own favorites and maybe seeing these will conjure up pleasant memories of your own at that teenage party or road trip picking up one random radio station after the other.

1. Melodie D’Amour by the Ames Brothers in ’57.  It just has that soft beat and touch of romance that keeps it coming back time after time on the airwaves.

2. Hello Goodbye by the Beatles in ’67.  I don’t really like it that much but it has one of those rhythmic beats that sticks in your head.  Obviously, lots of folks like it.

3. You Don’t Know Me by Ray Charles in ’62.  Everyone who has been disappointed in love at one time or another has identified with this one.

4. Downtown by Petula Clark in ’65. When planning a special party or getting ready for a night out on the town this is the perfect tune to energize you. 

5. Ramblin’ Rose by Nat King Cole in ’62.  He had a really smooth voice and there is something of the wanderlust in all of us in love and adventure and this one captures that feeling.

6. Catch A Falling Star by Perry Como in ’58.  Another that is not a particular favorite of mine but it catches a time and has something about it.  It is a regular on all the oldie stations and he was a great crooner.

7. Earth Angel by the Crew-cuts in ’55.  You have sure heard this one.  It always brings to mind those parties from high school.  It made for a great last dance song.

8. The Wanderer by Dion in ’61.  Another one that endures to this day.  Whether the guys like that roving eye implication or the gals do is up for debate but the lasting power of this one is solid.

9. Wake Up Little Susie by the Everly Brothers in ’57.  Every guy who got his date home later than expected can identify with this one.  It has just that right touch of a little rebellion but also a respect for the “rules”.

10. Who’s Sorry Now by Connie Francis in ’58.  You listen to this one.  She was one of the good ones and that song is the great -break up song for teens and country and western fans worldwide.

11. Goin’ Out Of My Head/Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by the Lettermen in ’68.  The perfect song for all those just falling in love or seeing the right one for you that first time.

12. Great Balls Of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis in ’57.  The right song to stir things up when the party is dragging a little bit.  It has that throb that kids, young and old, love.  Its beat will wake up the dead

13. Good Golly Miss Molly by Little Richard in ’58.  You can see the above.  Another one with that real rhythm and  bounce.  A fun song with no message.  Messages get hard to carry after a while don’t you think?

14. Sincerely by the McGuire Sisters in ’55.  Hey, just use this when you are writing that love letter to your special friend.  The gals love it.  The romance oozes.

15. Love Me Tender by Elvis in ’56.  I can still remember the gals swooning over this when he sang it in that first movie.   Don’t really care for his style much myself but I have to admit millions do.

16. Somethin’ Stupid by Frank and Nancy Sinatra in ’67.  There is something irresistable about Frank singing with his daughter.  He had so many hits but this one will always be remembered by all fathers and daughters.

17.  These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ by Nancy Sinatra.  Another one for the gals when they are frustrated with their guy.  When he comes  in late from that night out with the guys this is the perfect piece to jack up on the cd player.

We were just having some fun today and I hope you enjoyed the stroll down memory lane.  How many others did you think about as you went through the list?  I hope it was many and the recollections brought a tear to your eye or a swelling to your heart.

On another day soon we will discuss all you sad sacks and saps who aren’t getting any of the mortgage rescue money.  Whew, it is breath taking.   As I have suggested before if we are going to do this it should be by a blind lottery for anyone who has a mortgage regardless of size or your financial condition.  At least that would spread the money fairly.  There is nothing fair about the program announced now for the decent hard working folks who struggle to be decent and honorable.  But more on that later.

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  1. Adam

    Great list of songs! Some I know and some I’ll have to look up to download and listen to. Thanks for the list!

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