Demograhpic Doom

The Israelie-Palestinian conflict continues to hit the headlines on a regular basis as it has for lo these last 70 years.   The most recent flare up in Gaza was only the most recent reminder of the hostility and opposing views of the region by the Israelis and the Palestinians.  That conflict needs to be resolved some day if the world is ever going to see a lasting peace and calm in that area.   There is the one side who completely rejects the idea of even the existence of the other and the Israelis have vacillated over the years in their approach to how to deal with their Palestinian popluation.  The most recent elections in Israel indicate clearly a hardening of position on the right for more militant and aggressive action agains the Palestinians.

Israel has for decades toyed with the idea of an intergrated society and acceptance of a diverse community within their nation.  But that attitude has never really gotten any traction there in the minds of the general public.  From the latest numbers I have seen it appears that the Arab citizenship of Israel is about 20% at the moment.  Of course that number is skewed because of Israeli citizenship requirements and restrictions that have been in place since its inception.  They make no excuse or apology for the idea that this is a Jewish state and that they intend for it to remain so.  Priority is given to any Jew from around the world that wants to immigrate to Israel to obtain citizenship.   The current idea of the two state proposal for the area is fostered by many as best future scenario for the region.  They may be right.  I do believe that the Palestinians have been fighting the battle the wrong way for decades.   Why should they want a two state outcome?  Their “country” would be chopped on like liver and would never be able to have a viable economy or external policy or even provide for its own basic security needs because of the separation of the areas that would likely be the Palestinian domain.  The use of terror and guerilla war tactics are not the best weapons for them.  They have been trying those since the ’40’s and where has it gotten them?  Their battle against the Jews does produce charity and some financial help from other Muslim countries but it is just that–charity.  It is not dependable and certainly no way to build a healthy economy for their people.

Rather that bombing on occasion or firing off random rockets or other hit and run military tactics that do not alter the strategic situation, I wonder why they don’t get smarter and win with ballots and not bullets.   They have one enormous advantage over the Israelis that is not going to change anytime soon.  That is demographics.  Their population is growing faster than the Israelis and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.   They already are more than 20% of the population and it is only because of restrictions that only 20% are citizens now.  They should become model citizens.  They should do everything they can to promote Israel and the good of that country.   They should embark on a public relations campaign to demonstrate their willingness to be good citizens.   They should abandon completley the idea of the two state solution.   They should stop all terrorist activities and if they do occur they should take the lead in catching the offenders and turning the over to the authorities.   They should get involved in local politics and national politics.   It wouldn’t take more than one generation and they would own the country.  World pressure would require the Israelis to make many more of them citizens if there are no attacks, no terrorism and all their leaders speak well of the Israelis and the country.   They literally could killl them with kindness.  That is their smart play, not Jihad.   Jihad and terrorism has gotten them what?   Exactly the point, nothing.   By becoming good citizens they might find they can live better than they think along side the Israelis and vice versa.   It would sure be better for their economic future and even that of Israel.   They can win with the ballot box and international public opinion if they radically alter their approach.  They should use the one weapon  that they have and that can’t be offset by any action of the Israelis.  That weapon is sheer population numbers.   It would take a while but not long considering the decades already wasted by them with the Jihad avenue.

The more Washington talks, proposes and plans the worst things get in the market and elsewhere.  The guy in the White House and Congress should announce they are taking a sabbatical and get out of town. They have helped the market enough.  Much more of Washington help and we’ll be living like the Middle Ages with a barter system.  Just get out of the way and let the market work.  Quit proposing.   The help they offer is like throwing a drowning man a cement block not a rope.

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