“Victimhood” is as old as mankind

Sadly our society promotes the idea that we are all victims of one type or the other.  The armed robber isn’t really a bad guy he just grew up in a bad neighborhood and wasn’t motivated to complete his schooling.  The person at the other end of his gun isn’t the real victim it is that poor robber we should recognize deserves our sympathy.   All those folks in homes they couldn’t afford are victims of those greedy people in the mortgage business who foisted those loans on them.  It wasn’t their fault they took out those loans; they were victimized by Wall Street barons.  You would think they were Shanghaied into those loan offices and forced to sign up on the dotted line.  I dare you to peruse the news on any day without finding an example of this mentality.  Even those poor water rats in San Francisco are the victims of greedy developers and uncaring people.  Naturally the politicians are eager to promote and nurture this attitude because it gives them a “base” to pander to.  For every victim there is a Federal remedy.  Hey, what do you think the bailout for the Big Three is all about.  There is very little discussion about what management and the unions did wrong over the decades to destroy a real American icon of industry.  Now they are victims of a bad economy or this or that.  It isn’t their own greed that got them were they are we are lead to believe. 

Rather than taking responsibility for our own actions it appears we have that victim response wired into our dna from the git go.  You are reminded of the earliest known story of Man on this earth.  It illustrates how easy it is to not step up and say “yes, I did it, it was wrong, but I can do better and pledge to try”.  Far too often we want to say it wasn’t my fault and what are you going to do for me about this.  In the garden of Eden Adam was given the most wonderful gift imaginable by God.  He got a companion.  Some one with whom to share the joys and sorrows of life.  Of all life’s benefits there is non greater than that.  God had planted the tree of knowledge in the garden.  He warned Adam that he could have everything in the garden but he should not partake of the fruit of that one tree.  He was warned and knew the consequences would be bad if he violated the rule.  There was only that one rule.  It wasn’t complicated.   The serpent came and tempted Eve.  He lured her.  He told her the fruit was good for her and would make her wise.  Isn’t it so often true that what we know to be wrong comes packaged so invitingly?  How often do we ignore the warnings to succumb to the action we feel in our very bones will come to a bad end?  She ate the fruit and then she in turn became the temptress and lured Adam to eat the fruit also.  They were no longer the innocent babes as they had been and donned the fig leaves.  Ones year olds are so innocent.  They play together regardless of sex and revel in the pleasure of shared experiences without guile. 

When later God next came to vist, Adam and Eve went and hid from Him.  They knew they had violated the rule.   God found them.  Like all our wrongs do inevitably emerge no matter how hard we try to hide them.  Here the story turns to the heart of man and that additional temptation to avoid responsibility.  Adam is about to compound his wrongdoing.  When God asked Adam if he had eaten the fruit Adam pointed the finger of blame elsewhere you recall.  He didn’t step up and admit his wrong.  He said it was the woman that tempted me.  Implying that nothing would have ever happened if he hadn’t been victimized by her.   In turn God asked Eve and she put the blame on the serpent, not herself.  They were the first victims in society if you believe their version of events rather than the first ones to fall short and refuse to  accept the blame and responsibility for their actions.   Now it is the Government, not the serpent who wants to tempt us.

We do have examples of people who have not dodged their responsibilities and duties.   The list in history is replete.  We need to choose which we want to be –the victims in everything or the achievers and more honest folk of this earth.  Those who have resisted the lure of victimhood are a shinning examples from the pages of history.  You can make your own list of heroes.    The true titans of our past were not the ones who accepted the role of victim ever.  They got on their hind legs and walked the extra mile  and so often in the doing they dragged us along with them.   Thank goodness for that.   Solomon, Alexander the Great, Caesar, Churchill, Martin Luther, and so many more have shown us the way.  We need leaders now who feel for true victims of the accidents and evils of life but not those who promote the idea that everything is not your fault and the role of Government is to find every victim and right every perceived, as opposed to real, wrong.   Too many in Government today in fact thrive on finding victims where common sense and morality would reject the notion.  Victims vote contrary to Adam and Eve.

I still can’t get my head around the idea of the speed of light being a constant.  You know that if you are riding a motorbike inside a moving train your total speed will be the speed of the train plus the speed of the bike as you move forward down the aisles.  The same is not true for the speed of light.  It moves at the same speed regardless of any external factor.  I guess that is why it is considered a constant in physics.  Still hard to comprehend for the great unwashed though.


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