Spending Problem Solved

There has been lots of commentary in the last week about the “problem” of spending all that money in the Stimulus bill.  The guy in the White House even stated that  just the spending was sufficient, spending was the whole point  and he clearly indicated that it really didn’t matter much what it was spent for.  Rapid spending is the goal.  I even heard one of those New Republic journalist talking last night and literally taking the position that he didn’t care about any of those embarrassing details in the stimulus plan–just dish out the money.  He said they could dig holes and then fill them up if we had too to get the money out.  He was taking a page from the original Keynesian statement which did indeed postulate that merely digging holes to be filled later would be good for the economy.   And to think some believe Keynes was a genius.  I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion about what is genius.  I don’t see the genius in Jackson Pollack but others claim they do. Anyway.

The administration doesn’t seem in the least concerned or even embarrassed that the plan has some of the most wasteful and frivilous provisions contained in it.  Like the project for Ms. Pelosi to spend millions on the wetlands in San Francisco to protect some kind of water rat.   I don’t k now about you but I will sure sleep better at night knowing those hard-earned millions have made those rats safer.   Some one had to work hard to earn the money to be taxed to pay for these things.  There is so much pork in that bill that the pig farmers should revolt because the Government is engaged in unfair competition and going to corner the market on pork.   Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole bill was on the web and each of us had a chance to read it and “red line” it and mark those provisions we think are junk, wasteful or indeed counter productive to a good economy.   But that would be too transparent.   They really don’t want you to know what is going on, they merely want you to trust them.  They know best.   Please delve into some of the specifics and make your own determination.  I don’t care if you agree with me but I do care they you at least understand where are money is going.   I do trust the majority of you contrary to the p0liticians who obviously don’t trust you.  The  White House’s biggest concern is to spend the money quickly.  The papers are already filled with stories that the Federal and State government bureaucracies can’t shovel out the money fast enough.  I have the solution for them that I think everyone will understand and agree is a full- proof plan to get the money into circulation within days.   Of course the industries that have been counting on getting huge dollops of dough, like construction, infrastructure concerns and alternative energy wouldn’t get as much but the money would sure get out into the hands of some businesses and commerce.

We need to divvy up the stimulus money among the wives of America.  Give each one of them big check.  Just think how large it could be.  There are about 150 million ladies and say about 75 million are married and divide that by 800 billion and you get an incredible number right away.  At the same time the checks go out you must get stern with business leaders.  Forget about the commercial banks and investment banks and their bonus and salary restrictions, that is chicken feed.  The government would order that all stores, especially stores that sell shoes, must have a giant sale within one month of the checks hitting the housewives’ mail box.  We would have to make sure that the money only went to the wives and not husbands.  Those husbands would do selfish and silly things with the money like pay down debt and pay off mortgages.  But with the shoe sale and all that money burning a hole in their purse we could count on the wives of America to rescue the economy.  If you expanded the program to include cosmetics, dresses and purses we could kick start this thing right off the charts.  I guarantee that money would fly out the doors of millions of American homes overnight.   We can all be proud of the ability of the American wife to spend as much as she has and then some.  No doubt the credit markets would unthaw too because so many of the ladies would find those bargains irresistable and would need to tap their credit card lines after they exhausted the cash.  Just think of all those ladies coming home with cars filled to the brim with packages and each one bragging to their husbands about how much money they “saved” becuase they bought everything on sale.   We would be spending and saving at the same time.  Those savings would fund all sorts of needful projects down the road.   This program would be a boon to international trade.  Prada would love us as would Estee Lauder.  We could establish closer relations with our European friends overnight.  

Our moms and grandmothers came through when we needed Rosie the Riveter.  The current American wife will answer the call to duty I am sure with the same patriotism and diligence that our ancestors showed.  It might be hard and nasty work but someone has to save the economy and we can count on them.  For people who can drive, apply lipstick and talk on a cell phone all at one time this will be a snap. 

Brief lesson in trial procedure– This will be a new feature from time to time. The movies and TV distort the way a real trial works so much that the process you see is nothing close to reality.  In a civil proceeding the plaintiff goes first and presents its “case in chief”.  The plaintiff has to present everything essential to winning its case during this step.  You call all your witnesses and present all your documents or other tangible evidence at this time.  You can’t plan on calling a surprise witness at the end of the trial as they so often do in TV.  If the Plaintiff hasn’t presented all the evidence necessary to prove the allegations of its complaint then the defendant can move for a directed verdict after the plaintiff rests.  When the plaintiff “rests” his case he better be sure he has all he needs to win.  It is a major step in a trial.   TWhether the judge or jury will believe the evidence is another problem and a topic for another day.  The plaintiff  can call witnesses  after the defendant has presented his case -in -chief but he is limited to rebuttal only.  That means you can rebut specific allegations made by the defendant during his case.  You cannot bring up brand new areas of inquiry or evidence on rebuttal.  On another occasion we will discuss the basic procedure after the plaintiff rests and the case moves to the defendant.

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  1. Adam Ant

    Great post! I totally agree. Give the money to the women. Tell them to buy shoes, clothes, music, new laptops, a new gas guzzling truck and put in a new swimming pool or driveway. Oh, and buy some airline tickets to a nice resort in the states somewhere to “surprise” their husbands that they “got a great deal.” Oh, and yes, they “saved tons of money because of the sales the stores were offering.” That is always my favorite thing to hear, saving money because of a sale. How is it saving money when you spent it?

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