The Gang that can’t calculate

How many times over the last year have you heard one of the media types refer to the Bush Administration as the Gang that couldn’t shoot straight.  The phrase would be used to poke fun or calumny at the Bush team for a variety of blunders or perceived blunders.  Now that same group of media types had better get ready to talk about the Gang that couldn’t calculate!  

You remember Bill Richardson or was that headline too long ago already; it has been about a month.   You remember he was going to be a Cabinet member until an investigation got more publicity about a donor being given State contracts.   Seems he couldn’t keep his donor listing straight or maybe he could.   He was dropped from the plane to Washington by the new team so fast.  I wonder if they dropped him with or without a parachute.

Then we have our new Sec. of the Treasury-Geithner-who wasn’t able to calculate his taxes for a couple of years even though he was given paperwork to make it simple by the IMF.  So he will be in charge of at least $350 billion in TARP money and probably more and also head up the IRS.  He can’t keep up with about $150,000.00 so now we will let him control hundreds of billions.  Makes sense to me.  He is another guy who has never worked in the private market place his entire life but he will control the lifeblood (credit availibilty) of that market.   We are assured he is so smart.  Well, maybe he is.   After all he got by with dodging taxes and now gets to add a very impressive title to his future resume. 

Next up is a good and loyal friend,lobbyist and consummate do-gooder, Mr. Daschle.   Seems he forgot some small items on his tax return also.  I have seen various amounts reported but apparently it is a few hundred thousand altogether.  It was for a limo and driver plue junkets.  I heard the explanation from a fellow Senator friend of his that he was used to having a car and driver when he was the Senate leader and just didn’t think about any tax consequence.   Well, dahling, don’t we all have drivers and limos?  Now news comes out about trips and junkets for charities that weren’t reportetd as income either and apparently lobbying fees for an alleged charitable group.  So his reward is to be in charge of hundreds of billions annually on the health care system.   Seems to me it is like getting in a plane with a pilot who has had several crashes in the past but has a really good explanation for each of them.  I think I would prefer another pilot that had better luck or perhaps skills.   I wouldn’t let this guy organize a PTA bake sale and damn sure wouldn’t trust him with the receipts and cash till.

Maybe it is not so much that they can’t calculate but that they dont’ know how to get things going in the right direction.  Maybe we are going to have a failure to launch.  In December we were assured what  a great job the new administration was doing and had done in all their vetting of administration candidates while we were told what a terribe job McCain had done with Palin.   How short the memory and attention span is of the public.  Perhaps I sell the public short.  I sure hope I have.  

The Energy czar, Chu, only recently talked about coal being his worst nightmare but now he talks about how they can work on that.   I think maybe someone told him about the coal miners union and utility workers unions and the votes they bring to the table.  Funny how a few votes here and there can suddenly open the eyes to new horizons not seen before.   Hope that record snow fall in London today is not hampering his workload fighting Global warming.  But that is just London right.  Hmm, seems they have had two record snow falls also in Las Vegas this winter.   A sure sign that things are warming to dangerous levels.

Government will grow exponentially under the stimulus plan proposed.  At least 300,000 or more Government jobs from the most recent accounts. I have seen other estimates even higher than that.  All those new people will no doubt increase government efficiency.  Had any dealings with the Post Office lately?   I have been trying to get my mail forwarded since a office move last year and turned in three change of address forms.  I won’t even describe the phone calls attempted with those people.  You got it right, I still don’t get my mail forwarded to me. 

Motion is not progress.  Spending cost money.  Borrowing money to spend does have a price.  You should check the uptick already in the long term Treasury bills.  Lastly, I would say that a proctologist can stimulate you but the results might not be all that encouraging or helpful.  I fear the Government is about to give us all a giant proctology examine to stimulate us.   Better take your castrol oil.


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One response to “The Gang that can’t calculate

  1. blu

    you don’t have to convince me that Politicians are slimy. they are born in the proverbial back alley, and dedicate themselves to getting ahead at all costs. they make sacrifices. they lie and cheat. they are politicians. been the same since Cicero. or maybe even the Bhagavad Gita. and when we are all flying around in a personal jet propulsion vehicles, it will be the same sleezebags running the country. but aren’t we all..a little bit..pitiful held against the highest standards? my rap sheet of wrongs would be endless if i ran for a public office.

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