Jobs or Politics? Power and Pandering

Pandering is a legal offense in most States and in Great Britain.  It is the nicer term for pimping.   In politics however we allow the pandering to openly flourish and because so many of us now benefit from Government largese it is even applauded and what’s even more disturbing is that it is expected.  Those who only take but don’t contribute to our economy number in the millions and yet their vote counts as much as those who lift the ax, the hammer or pen and actually produce something for society.  To pander you need a wiling listener and participant just like the con man needs a willing and greedy mark to work his scheme.   The panderer needs to have something to offer and the recipient of his “gifts” has to have the desire to take something that is not really his to have.   The stimulus plan is the largest pandering job yet in US history.  It dwarfs all others.

Olcranky here is beginning to sound like a one trick pony talking about the bailout and stimulus plan but, hey, it isn’t my fault.  The damn stuff is on the news every day and in the headlines.  As more details become known it is quite evident that hypocrisy is running riot.  These monies are going to social welfare programs for the most part to expand their reach and thus control over even larger segments of our society.  More food stamps means more voters dependent on the party granting those increases and likewise with all that urban and housing money being spent.   Even ACORN will be receiving millions more in Government funding.   What is the purpose of that other than to bring in more votes for the party in power?   The people in charge of our Government at the moment harp upon the one theme that the whole deal is about Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.   A couple of thoughts occur to me with regard to that allegation.  First they have it all wrong.  Jobs are the result we want but the process is critical.  The issue should be about business, business, business and industry, industry, industry.  It is business and industry that creates the jobs.   We should be doing the things that enhance the prospects for businesses to thrive and grow and innovate.  That will create the jobs. 

If the only goal is jobs then there is a much easier and cheaper way to go about it and also one that is much more transparent and honest.  Everyone talks about how transparent things are going to be now, well, let’s have some real transparency, starting with the stated goal.   This package is already up to 900 billion and still climbing.  A trillion is going to be the good estimate.   We could wipe out unemployment completely and at astronomically less costs  if we followed my advice.  Why not simply say that anyone, and I mean anyone, who has no job can show up at the nearest Federal facility like a post office, Social Security office, courthouse, etc. and we would hire them on the spot for mimimum wage.  Give them picks and shovels and clippers and rakes and let them all go out and work on the highways, bridges, canals, etc. and clean them up and repair them.  Say the mimimum wage is 8 bucks an hour so you have 320 a week, times 4, for about 1300 call it per month for each worker or about 16000 per year.  Now there is give or take around 10 million unemployed in the country right now.  We could even allow couples to both have the work.   They could earn 32000 a year between them.  That is not living high on the hog but it sure as hell wouldn’t be proverty either.  Ask someone who makes around 20,000 a year now working at Home Depot.  I have rounded off of course.  Do the math and you will see that for less than 20 billion a year everyone could have a job.  We could even guarantee them the job for 3 years.   They could do other projects besides those I listed quickly.  Doesn’t really matter.  They would spend their income and spur the economy according to the bright guys in Washington.  In the meantime Congress could take other action on reducing taxes for businesses that would actually build business  and thus jobs for the long haul.  This minimum wage hiring would be so much cheaper and sure as hell would be more honest.   At least there would be some work done even if it has little value.   Value is clearly not the point in Washington these days anyway.  If jobs is the signal criteria then give them jobs.   Lord just think of the money we could save.  We are talking hundreds of billions.  Exactly, and I mean exactly, what are we going to get for the trillion they are planning right now?   I implore you to look at the details of the plan.  It does create hundreds of thousands of new governement jobs.  It buys votes.  Does it encourage investment or expansion of business?   Either we have a free market system or we don’t.  Let’s not allow the Government to hide behind the rhetoric and disguise their true intentions in proposing this package of Government handouts in a thinly hidden “pay for play” scheme to buy future loyalty and votes for one party.   The issues are too important for our future freedoms.

I don’t like my idea of just giving those jobs and money away to folks who are unemployed.  It is not a good idea but compared to the socialistic expansion of the Federal government it seems a better alternative.  I do feel sorry for those out of work and seeking a job.  I really do.  But I have sympathy with lots of folks for different reasons like those with a serious illness.  I can’t fix all their problems.  Mostly they have to take care of their own circumstances.  We need to provide opportunity and freedom and a fair playing field but otherwise stand aside and let people march to their own drummer, not the kettle beat of bureaucrats.

The Fed has now expanded its asset side of the balance sheet to over 2 trillion dollars.  That has ballooned from just over 900 billion a few short months ago.   Don’t you wish you could add assets to your balance sheet so easily.  How do they do that?  The answer is simple.  They print up more money when they need it.  Boy, wouldn’t that be nice if you or I could simply call our bank anytime we wanted and tell them to add another few thousand of so to our account.   Since we are not on a gold standard, they can do that.   Just wave the magic Federal wand and you have instant money.   Think about it.



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2 responses to “Jobs or Politics? Power and Pandering

  1. adam

    The “stimulus plan” is a “paying you for your vote and I want your vote again” plan. It won’t create jobs, well, it won’t create private sector jobs at least. Cut corporate taxes and will see jobs. Help small businesses and you will see jobs.

    I was stunned during the campaign that NO ONE was calling out Obama for what he was actually saying to the voters. He was basically saying, if you vote for me I will send you a check. I’m not the most educated man but isn’t that illegal? Paying for a vote.

    For all those that might be confused on how the Federal Government should work watch this video by Ron Paul. I don’t agree with everything this man stands for but he does a great job of explaining how the free market was meant to operate.

  2. blu

    where can i see the exact line items of the stiumulus plan? i don’t like that the general public (us) debates the merits of these types of government initiatives based on what we hear on the news? what are the details? does anyone really know?

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