Redeeming Spirit of Christmas

I do love the Christmas season even with all the frenzy and fatigue that so often accompanies the special day and its events.   It is reassuring to have that repetition of something you can rely upon.   That something is not tangible but something  of the spirit inside each of us.   Being reminded of the significance of the day is like having a new charge placed on a battery that has run low during the year.   Each year has its own fortunes for us all, some of them are wonderful like the birth of a child and others are difficult because of a loss in the family or financial misfortune.   Then comes Christmas and we have the chance to renew.

At this time of the year I do feel sorry for those that are not Christians because they have denied themsleves the most wonderful of gifts.  We all need redemption for our misdeeds of commision or omission.   Thankfully it doesn’t have to be earned.   My, what a challenge that would be for most of us if we had to earn our redemption.  Through Christ and His  message we obtain it by grace alone.  Feeling that you have been blessed and accepted by God regardless of your merit is sublime.   It should fill  you  with a need to reach down your hand to others in need.  It is a cleansing feeling.   Without redemption we carry our sins and the guilts that go with them like a weight around our necks and they beat down our spirit.   Redemption allows us to look outward to others.   Love is the expression of caring for another and you can’t demonstrate or animate any love when you carry that weight on your shoulders.   We have a need to express and receive love.

God grants us that love through grace and we only have to accept it.   We do not become robots but complete human beings with free will if we accept that love of the Lord and His redemption for our lives and souls.

Enjoy and rejoice in your family, it is the  the strongest bond of all.

Take a moment a say a prayer.   It is your prayer.   Ask for what you need for both body and spirit.   Open your heart to God privately and you will experience an inner glow of peace and hope.

Merry Christmas to you all.




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2 responses to “Redeeming Spirit of Christmas

  1. Lara

    This is the most beautiful and sincere expression of the the spirit of CHRISTmas I remember ever reading. May we all be reminded.

  2. Adam

    Beautifully said!! Christmas should always be a time to remember, rejoice and be thankful for family. Family should be the rock of our lives. No matter the size of the family, the successes or failuers of the family, it is still family that matters.

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