Cheapseat opinions on economic proposals

One great thing about the ole US of A is that we all get to have opinions and so far we are able to express them.  Sure hope that proposal by the Dems to regulate the internet for “hateful language” doesn’t get anywhere.  That was the latest proposition put out last summer by some of their leaders.  Just like the “fairness doctrine” it will have a chilling effect on comments and criticisms of the Government.  I was especially disturbed by Sen. Schumer’s comment saying that we regulate pornography on the airways and we should be able to regulate political opinion the same way.   That is scary.   It took decades to get rid of the fairness doctrine and its return would be a harbinger of Government control of free speech run amok.  I don’t listen to talk radio but I am glad it is there.  I love a diversity of opinion and the freedom to express it.   It is good that it is there and the market place is the best way to regulate it.  If the public doesn’t agree with the comments then they can simply tune out and those voices won’t be heard anymore.  The people put them off the air not the Government.  But the huge difference is that those views didn’t have an audience and the people ignored those views rather than the Government preventing those views being heard in the first place.

I see the new administration is proposing even more bailout and stimulus packages.  Now it is another 700 billion that the new guy wants on his desk by the the third week of January.   Apparently half or so of the funds will be used for those infrastructure projects.   That 700 billion will be in addition to the already announced over 3 trillion of bailout and rescue monies already committed by the Governement.    This is not monopoly money.   Further have you forgotten  that just last spring the Congress passed a 300 billion infrastructure bill; the one that was so overloaded with pork.   Wasn’t that enough for now?  Damn, how much do they plan on spending for this stuff?  Can’t we at least wait and spend that 300 billion first and see where we are before throwing more money at the alleged problem.   Spending so much money in such a short period of time will lead to corruption of colossal proportions and inefficiency.   We don’t have enought engineers and managers to do that many projects in that constricted  time frame.   Lots of that money will go to the big cities and the coastal corridors.  That is fine for those folks.   There are a few of us living somewhere else in this large nation of ours and we have a hard time understanding the benefits to us for expanding the train service between Boston and Washington.   

Some facts that we can’t change are the demographics of the world.   You know that China is exempted already from the Kyoto accords that the tree huggers think is such a great deal.   India doesn’t have to comply either.   Their growth in population and economic expansion is not going to slow down.  Oh, their economies might droop a bit for the next couple of years, but in the big scheme of things that is the blink of an eye.   They will grow-period.  As they do they will not be using wind, solar or any of those other exotic alternative methods for power or fuel.  They will  use coal for electricity and petroleum for their cars.  They will be buying millions of cars over the the next twenty years.  They will be gas powered.  They want the most inexpensive vehicle and the ones with proven mechanical features.  Those will be gasoline vehicles.  Gas driven cars will be the cheapest for them and if not us then someone else will build them for sale there.   Whatever we do here will be completely subsumed by their demands for energy.   Every few years they are adding the population of the  US to their populations.   The pros say that there are 6 billion of us now and we are heading toward 9 billion in just a few decades.   Think about the demands of that additional 3 billion folks–about 50% of whom will be Indian or Chinese.

I still do favor ongoing research for alternative energies and vehicle imrovement, don’t get me wrong, but I believe we must be realistic about it and work to improve what we can with existing gasoline powered cars until those alternatives can actually compete in cost and reliability.  We can get there.  If we allow the profit motive and private enterprise to do their thing.  Government mandates for a particular solution always, always go awry.   Are you still  enamoured with ethanol?

Try a goose for Thanksgiving next year or for Christmas.  You should smoke them slowly over the hooded grill.  With some spicy mustard they are delicious and a change from the usual but still very traditional, see Scrooge.


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