Adages for Today’s Turmoil

With both the political and economic world reeling from a constant blast of daily bad news we might ponder some of the tried and true thoughts that have gained purchase in the common wisdom to soothe our troubled hearts and minds.  These thoughts have their applicability with greater urgency than ever.

From little acorns mighty oaks do grow–We are such an impatient people that we usually ignore this advice.  We expect and often deman instant results for our lives and from the actions of our leaders.   Of course today with the cost of the various bailout packages already passed and proposed I am not sure those efforts could be called “little”.   But we do have to build our individual lives from those little acorns.  We have to save a little each month.  If we will do that just like the acorn it can grow to something very meaningful down the road.  The acorn needs time, some nuturing and even a bit of luck along the way for it to become that mighty oak.   If you plan for the long haul and nurture those small investments in family and your wealth they will become something very worthwhile to you, just not overnight.

Any port in a storm–On the one hand that is pretty sound advice because you first have to survive the storm to have any hope of a future.  We are certainly running for any port right now in our economic mess.  Fortunately, we actually have more than one to choose from and that is what makes for division among political views and economic views at the moment.  It would be nice if indeed there was only one port then we could all agree to make for it with all haste.  Also we have to watch out for the chicken littles of this world; those who cry “storm” just because the swells have risen some and they get panicky.   Sometimes it is better to stay on course and see if indeed it is a storm brewing or merely the rise and flow of a larger tide than normal.

Birds of a feather flock together–This one is especially troubling when considering the associates of one of our Presidential candidates at the moment.   Why do you hang out with people who don’t share a view of America that is like the overwhelming majority of us?  That background of associates makes for a very troubling and unsettling state of mind about the true character of him.   Will that “flock” attitude and viewpoint be the one that prevails after the election?

All that glitters is not gold–It is very good to remind ourselves of this one often.  We get taken in by the shine and celebrity of the moment and often the real substance is not what we thought it would be when all we saw was the shine.   Just because it looks pretty and sounds pretty it might not be what we want when we have it.   Remember the comment about being careful what you ask for because you just might get it and then it could well be a disappointment.  Always choose substance over show.

Bad news travels fast–This is especially true in the liberal media.   They love reporting bad news; it seems to fulfill their negative outlook that the people don’t really know better or they would be marching in lockstep to the NY Times drummer.   With our current financial problems this old adage has taken off like a Roman candle.   Wouldn’t it be nice if there wasn’t so much news at the moment?  Think about it.   It would be nice if everyone including corporations and governments would take more time for reflection about what  they are doing before jumping off the cliff on news of the latest hourly update.   An Angel directing traffic in Times Square wouldn’t rate a notice but let a special interest group think tank make a negative report and it will be heralded throughout the land on the internet and CNN.

Get your Halloween candy and costumes for the kids ready.  You can bet they are ready for the arrival of the Great Pumpkin in a couple of days.


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