302 Report and President-Elect

For decades anyone who is up for appointment as a Federal Judge, senior level Presidential staff member or upper management position in any of the Federal Agencies has had to pass a 302 field report by the FBI.  It applies to people working in the Dept. of Defense, IRS, Justice Dept., etc.  at any of the higher levels.   No Federal judge has ever been appointed who didn’t pass the 302 report and vetting.   You may recall that a couple of Clinton staffers were not cleared but were approved by Clinton anyway since he had the authority to override the negative report.   It has been considered de riguer for years and generally viewed as a routine matter by most potential appointees.  Politicians obviously don’t have to pass any such vetting under our democratic principles which is as it should be but appointees are expected to get a clean bill of health.   You can be a Nazi or a Commie and run for office but you won’t be appointed Secretary of Defense.   Congress or the Federal Agency concerned or the President can ignore a negative report but do so at their political peril if the word gets out as it always does sooner or later.

The report looks into associations from the past and personal habits and any radical leanings along with academic and social behavoir.  You wouldn’t want an Al-Queda sympathizer appointed to a high position in the Dept of Defense for example.    They are quite thorough and it is one of the first things that new special agents for the FBI work on when they are assigned to a field office.   Even those working for defense contractors if they are working in sensitive areas can be subject to the investigation.   The chief engineer working on an anti-missile defense system likely would be vetted because you wouldn’t want someone there who might sell secrets to our enemies.   You get the picture.

The majority has just elected as President someone who wouldn’t pass a 302 field report in my opinion.  With his prior association with Ayers alone he would be subject to the highest suspicion and scrutiny.   If he was being appointed say to the office of asst. Secretary of Defense he would not pass muster.  After all he hung out and lauded someone who planned bombing US defense facilities and who remains unrepentent to this day about his actions to do direct harm to the country and his fellow citizens.  Likewise the association and business dealings with that Rezko fellow alone would have sent up a huge red flag on the report.   He clearly got special treatment in buying a house from Rezko and then buying additional land adjacent under what can only be described as a sweetheart deal.  Rezko is now a convicted felon for bribery.   These are the facts, I have been careful to try and not speculate or add anything that has not been publicly reported.   Think about it, we have someone in the Oval office soon who couldn’t qualify under a routine 302 report.  That is very scary and concerning.   He needs to be watched very carefully.   Past is prologue and his past is not something I would admire or approve.  Let’s be clear, I can tolerate those who have different opinions than me as these pages have demonstrated often.  It is good to have a clash of opinions and strong debate about policy and direction; I believe that is fundamental to our success in the long haul.  We need diverse views and those sometimes nasty and testy arguments about what is best for the nation.  But we should have those debates resolved and won by people we can trust even if we don’t agree with their ideas.   I don’t trust this man based on his past.   Indeed his past is a major concern.  Be careful what you ask for you just might get it.   I can think of nothing more frightening than having a man in the Oval office who couldn’t pass a routine 302 field report.   The report would reveal he does not have American values or the best interest of the country at heart.

Today is veteran’s day.  It was on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month that the armistice was signed to conclude the active fighting in WWI.   When I was young it was stilled called Armistice Day.  It only changed to Veterans Day a few decades ago.   It was a momentous occasion and brought down the curtain on the carnage and destruction of that epic war.  It was an epic.   Those souls from Flanders fields still cry out when we lose our way reminding us that their sacrifice had to mean something and we have a heavy legacy to carry by promoting  the best in us, not the common or the mean.


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