Redistribute the Wealth

I notice that as the political season warms that there is once again some proposals for tax action and other government policies that are designed to redistribute the wealth of the nation.  There are the usual allegations that the spread between the so-called haves and the havenots is wider than ever.  Frankly, I have heard that pitch all my life from some politicians; and that covers quite a few decades.  Of course the “havenots” have more votes than the haves so I wonder why that is such an interest to politicians in election years.  Could they possibly be wanting to get elected and promise just about anything to obtain the majority of the votes to that end?  It has been happening since the Roman empire but surely our worthy candidates would not sink to that level.

There are several problems with that approach as I see it.  First the government has no money other than what it extracts from its citizens.  So it is taking money from one group and then giving it to another.  But there is always a price for that largesse.  I wish there would be an honest discussion first about what is occurring rather than hiding the real purpose of some of these plans.  If everyone really wants to do that then fine, I will figure a way to live with it.  But I hate being bamboozled.  I mean we could have a system where we all make, say, $58,000.00 a year, no more, no less.  Everyone could drive one Ford Taurus.  All houses would be 3 bedrooms and 2 baths; no private schools and universities.  No matter your work, merit or level of ambition, that is what it is.  Of course there would be no “poor”.   Even the laziest or dumbest would still get their $58,000.00 a year.  All copyrights and patents would be out the window naturally, so songwriters, movie directors, performers and inventors would all get the equal treatment with everyone else.  They would be inspired to write or create purely for their love of mankind and mankind would be the beneficiary of their works.  No doubt great novels, movies, Iphones and other such nice things would still roll off the assembly line.  It would be a real egalitarian utopia.  Just think how happy you would be.  You would indeed have caught up with the Joneses.

Frankly, I prefer the “rich” to be in existence.  The money they have works for all of us. Think it through.  If they have millions in the bank what happens to that money?  First, it doesn’t go to the government so that the use of the money is determined by all of us collectively as we make our decisions daily.  The banks use that rich person’s money to loan to you and me for our houses, cars, our new small business enterprise.  It is not idle. I would rather that money be used by all those millions of individual decisions of the people rather than by the edict of government programs.  The rich hire people, spend their money and all those expenditures creates jobs and wealth for the rest of us and opportunities.

I am not rich by any means but at least now I am rich in choices and can pursue my ambitions whatever they may be.  If the government dominants even more, those choices and ambitions will be restricted ever more tightly.   Whatever your station if life, I hope you will resist any effort to have the government take even more of our people’s wealth–and it is the people’s wealth, not the government’s.  We create that wealth with our labor, our ingenuity, talents and creativity.   Yes, government can offer up the bread and circuses but at what price to our freedom?  So much more to talk about on this.  Soon we will discuss the inevitable control that the government exercises when it determines the distribution of wealth rather than allowing the circumstances and vagaries of life of the people to work their effects on our lives.   I trust the people.  Differences of ability wealth and status are not bad things, they are the crucibles that make a society vibrant as long as there is freedom to change those things.  The US is not pre Revolutionary France, our society is not static and we can make choices now.  Don’t let those choices be taken from you.  Be alert, they strip them away like an onion, one very small layer at a time until it is too late and all is gone.

Build something with your own hands for your children.  They will remember it forever and you will have the satisfaction of doing something that money literally can’t buy.  Doesn’t matter what it is, a sand box, play house, a tire on a rope hanging from the tree in the back yard, make it your own, and theirs.


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