Good Reads

I recommend a good general anthology of Greek myth for your home library.  You will be surprised at how “current” it is.  The number of plays, movies, books and television stories that take their lead from the Greek myths is truly astounding.   By looking up a some of the Greek gods and goddesses and their actions you will have a much better appreciation of the movie or whatever you are enjoying now.  Plus, those old myths reveal so much about our human nature, our passions, our foibles and even acts of heroism.

I just saw the latest Woody Allen movie–Cassandra’s Dream.  It takes its lead from the story of Cassandra.  She was a prophetess whose predictions were always true, but the curse was that no one would believe them.  Today any reference to her usually refers to some prophecy of doom.

Also add to your library Creasy’s  Fifteen Most Important Battles of the World. It was first published in the mid 1800’s but the lessons there are timeless.  His analysis ends with the Battle of Waterloo.  The men and events he describes are titans of our history for good or ill.

And how about a good cookbook.  None are better than one of the early Julia Child’s cookbooks.  You will learn so much and everyone should know how to rummage about the kitchen and prepare some excellent dishes along the way.   Prepare one of those meals with a friend or you spouse.  Spend the day doing it, you will have fun, trust me on this one and be rewarded with a great repast.  If I can prepare a Beef Wellington from scratch so can you.  It was delicious by the way.

For health concerns I recommend you read The Body Has A Head.  It reviews each of the “systems” of the body–nervous, skeletal, digestive tract, etc.  It makes it understandable and more importantly gives you a true insight to the amazing way we are constructed by nature.  Our bodies are both tough and fragile at the same time.  It is an inspirational book even though you might think the topic is purely scientific.  Something, someone had a real purpose in mind when we became homo sapiens.

Footprints in  the sand.  Even though we sometimes ignore them or wish to ignore them, they are there before us and we do follow the footprints of countless souls who lead the way.  Sometime brutally, sometimes by accident as much as by design, but bear in mind that even as we launch another rocket into space we are still following footprints from those who went before us.


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