Polar Bears & thoughts on Darwin, Global Warming

There is a movement afoot to require the Government to declare the Polar bear an endangered species, not just a “threatened” species.  I read that there are an estimated 20,000 of them roaming the far north.  The endangered tag is important because then it would require the Government to take affirmative action to protect there habitat–the ice floes and sheets of the polar regions.   Thus you get to the global warming controversy which is the real issue behind the movement to save the Polar bears from their alleged extinction due to global warming.

I like seeing polar bears. I have nothing against them and it would be nice if they remain part of our global ecosystem for years.   I sometimes get amused though at those who have the arrogance to believe they can control Mother Nature with micro-management techniques.   I assume the majority of those proposing this step are college educated and certainly accept the basic tenets of Darwinian theory regarding the evolution of the species.   I believe in those basic tenets myself.  How  many species have become extinct over the eons?  Do some believe we have reached the perfect point in time that all species now living have some inherent right to exist for ever?   More importantly does Mother Nature agree with that proposition.  I mean literally countless numbers of species have come and gone over the years for various reasons that had nothing to do with us.   Isn’t it rather foolish  and foolhardy to believe that process will stop now.   Why do such intelligent people hit a brick wall with their thinking when faced with this fact of evolutionary theory.   Things change and will continue to do so.

Remember that the earth was once completely covered in water for millions of years; for another epoch it was a giant snowball; for millions of years the atmosphere was so polluted with methane that only minimal life of any kind existed.   Yes, I love clean air and water and want it for myself and my kids but I want a realistic approach to environmental concerns.  Overpopulation is the culprit; a tough topic to discuss.  Let’s not abandon our homo sapiens heritage on the critical issues of our age.  Think is all I ask.   The Polar bears have no “right” to exist any more than any other species that has been terminated by the plan or caprice of Mother Nature.

I have always had one huge question about evolutionary theory that no one has ever been able to answer to my satisfaction.  A major thrust of the theory is that traits that are useful to survival will endure over long periods of time and contrarily that the traits that are harmful will be weeded out by the slow process of mutation by succeeding generations.  What is more useful to man’s survival than the ability to see?   Why do so many of us have to wear glasses.  Obviously that is not a medical question but an evolutionary one.  You would think that over the thousands of generations of homo sapiens that sight would have slowly but surely improved to the point where we at least didn’t need the spectacles. Ponder that.


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One response to “Polar Bears & thoughts on Darwin, Global Warming

  1. adam

    there are many answers for your question.
    Evolution is not an act of perfection… many of our potentials are not maximized by evolution. Others almost are.
    It “might” be more beneficial for the human race not have perfect vision. after all dying is needed for the evolution to take place….

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