Electoral College and Popular Vote

Every election cycle its seems some voices are raised about alleged inadequacies of the Electoral College system set out in the Constitution.  I heard an editorial this morning in fact extolling the virtues of a popular vote method being bandied about by a few states and interest groups to require the Electors of each state to vote in favor of the person winning the popular vote on a nation -wide basis.  I believe the Electoral System has served us exceedingly well over the last couple of centuries and should be maintained as is.

I know the Electoral College is a bit cumbersome and can produce close elections and on the contrary sometimes produces landslides even though the popular vote might be very close.   It was designed that way.   All aspects of democratic rule in a Federal Republic are messy, cumbersome and even frustrating at times.  Hey, Hitler’s Germany was run very efficiently and they didn’t have to mess with any electoral system there after he gained full power.  The purpose of the Electoral System is to recognize the importance of the states and the role they play in a our Federal method of government.  That federal system has already been eroded enough over the last 75 years and we don’t need it diminished further.  The individual states of our union should be the repository of great power and influence.  The current election method gives them significant say in the affairs and selection of our chief magistrate.  A selection by simple popular vote takes away all influence from the states and that is not to the good.  It allows the passions of the moment to thwart a wiser long term course for the Republic; a long term course of action is certainly what we need at the National level.

Some small states may claim they have no say in the outcome of an election for President but that is simply not so.  First they can band together for mutual support and objective and coordinate their votes as they see fit for President and they may also form confederations with other large states if they desire it.  The chess game of politics is good for us not bad.  We have had some great Presidents, fair ones and some not so good, but they didn’t get there by the fault of the Electoral System.  On a popular vote basis we might well have had President Aaron Burr rather than Thomas Jefferson.  (Yes, I know that one went to the Congress for resolution but it might not have made it there if just popular votes were counted).  You do recall  Burr’s trial a couple of years later for attempting to split the Union west of the Ohio and Mississippi.

You think about it.  Do you really want just one tiny vote out of say 60 million or a vote in your own state.

Keep the power as close to the people as you can in all circumstances.  Princes at a far distance do not hear the people very well.  Washington it far.

One modern complication is the current  lack of control on illegal immigration and the likely abuse and turmoil it will create in our future elections by allowing certain states such as California or Texas to have greater sway  than they would if the immigration laws were now and had been enforced.  Simply converting illegals into citizens will boost the Electoral College votes of those states at the expense of others and allows a serious erosion of American culture and “viewpoint” in the election process for President.  This potential problem is correctable if we only assert our will.  I have no issue with some states having larger populations than others and thus more electoral votes as long as their citizens played by the same rules as the rest of us.

Know how they put the eye in the needle?  Ever thought what an amazing invention that was and how it revolutionized the garment industry.  If you pay attention and come back I will let you know more about it.

Hug your kids and kiss your wife.


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