Pay attention to the news articles and see how often you read something like–“and the Federal government will provide matching funds for the program”.   In fact so often  the Feds are providing the bulk of the money for lots of projects for schools, roads, parks, health care programs, welfare–you name it.   Is this a good thing?  I don’t think so, not at all.  Why are we letting the Federal government have so much of our money in the first place and then jumping up and down like happy little puppy dogs when they graciously allow us to have some of it back. 

There was a huge sea change toward the view of Federal government during FDR’s administration.  Most folks these days are so unaware of it.   Please take just 10 minutes and read your copy of the Constitution again.  It sets out the business of the US govt. and in the 10th amendment leaves everything else to the people and the States.  During the Depression the Federal role in our lives was expanded exponentially and not all for the good if you view today’s political landscape.   Remember that FDR went so far as to try and pack the Supreme Court with 12 members because he was outraged they wouldn’t let him expand as far as he wanted.   Power never operates in a vacuum and the power stripped from the States went directly to the Feds.  That power was mostly wielded with money.  Why is the Federal government controlling research at our local State universities?  Like Stem cell.  Because it controls the money.  There is no law banning stem cell research just a prohibition against Federal money being used which puts the brakes on it.  Frankly, I have questions about the stem cell research myself but that is not the point, the point is we should have more say in all our affairs at the local level where our voices can be heard most directly.

No kid left behind.  I am all for a good education for as many as can absorb one.  But what the hell business is it of the Feds?   They act like they are doing us a big favor granting that money and we have become addicted to those dollops of Federal beneficience.  It is our money, not theirs.   We should decide how we want our kids educated at the State level.  It is none of the Feds business.  We must start taking the initiative to reclaim our rights and demand the Federal government not take so much of our money in the first place.   Let the States use those billions for innovation, creation and experimenting with the best way to meet the needs of the people.

Health care?  I really like the idea that Mass. came up with a health care plan.  I don’t know all the details of how it works but that doesn’t matter.   What matters is that they are trying.  I wish a few more States would come up with their own version and see which one works best.  That is what a Federal system is supposed to do.   We were not set up to be dominated by Washington but to be partners with Washington.

There are those who would love to eliminate all State government, it just gets in the way.  They want everything to be done on a National level and guess who they want to control it all.  Be very aware of that approach this election.

We need to talk more about how and why a Federal system works and why it really is such a ingenious method of governing; not only that but the people have more power over the politicians.   Why are some politicians so afraid of the people?  Why do they think we are so clueless and they are from the Federal government and here to help us–like the old joke.  

Don’t forget Mom,,,it is almost Mother’s Day.

Thought for the day–how exactly do those leaves convert CO2 to oxygen with a little help from sunlight and aren’t you glad it works.  How much of our atmosphere is oxygen?  Less than you probably guessed.  Look it up.


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