Immigration and remedies

There are lots of words these days about illegal immigration from all quarters. Why not try to shed some intelligent light on the subject and not just heat.  Let’s start with some basics.  Every Nation or State is deemed sovereign and that means to rule over a specific geographic region.  Without that fundamental there is no such thing as a sovereign nation.  In turn that means to control its own borders.  This is not a new concept it goes back to Classical times and has endured ever since.  So there is nothing novel or inherently evil about any Nation controlling access to its borders.

The fact that we have to spend money on illegal aliens is without question.  For example in Texas the annual budget for schools is about 40 billion and the estimated 10% illegal enrollment translates into 4 billion to educate foreigners.  Make no mistake they are foreigners, not Americans.  That is just one cost.  Medical costs at the major hospitals in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio etc are likewise enormous.  The list goes on and is fairly easy to quantify.  Some say that those costs are all offset by the contributions the illegals make to our economy.  I personally  find that much harder to quantify.  Seems mostly guess work to me.  Please do your own analysis.  Likewise I find it appalling that so many of them use idenitity fraud to obtain their work.   How would you like to wake up one morning and have the IRS say you are not you and all the credit card companies saying you owe charges you know nothing about.  I hate taking the word of some “independent research group” or foundation.  My years of experience has taught me that they invariably have an “agenda” they want to promote.  Give it some thought I trust you more than I do them.

Would our economy collapse if they all disappeared tomorrow?  I don’t think so.  And if there are all that many jobs going begging we should and could assign them out to our own citizens who need to work and have the dignity of a job.  If they don’t want the work maybe we should consider the welfare programs anew.  Why should someone get food stamps, direct subsidies or earned tax credits if work is truly there?  We are all better off if our own citizens have employment.  Can’t imagine anyone who would disagree with that idea.

More importantly are we undermining our culture heritage by allowing such a huge influx of illegals?  Culture comes from the Greek, meaning worship.  Over the centuries it came to mean a collective devotion to a particular set of aesthetic and intellectual values for specific peoples regarding society and its functioning.

Do we really want our culture to resemble that of Mexico?  You been there?  Take a hard look at it.  I don’t think you want their ideas and views to be the dominant precepts of American life.  You don’t like our cops and law enforcement?   Do you believe having a police force like Mexico would be to your liking?

What to do? Well, let’s talk about that more, lots more.  Don’t take any of this to mean we should throw babies over the border or put momma and poppa in a concentration camp.  That would be misconstruing these thoughts.   Let’s ponder this together more. 

How would YOUR life change if they were all gone tomorrow?   That is a serious question, think it through.

Generally speaking women are generally speaking.   Not an original thought with me.  Blame it on my elementary school principal.  That is where I first heard that little ditty.  By the way he had a PHD. which was not unusual in those ancient days and most principals were men.   We were expected to do as we were told and we did. There wasn’t some appeal process, the principal’s word was law and the final word.

Intelligent dialogue and even disagreement makes us stronger.



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2 responses to “Immigration and remedies

  1. Balance is important in all things:
    unfettered immigration is bad;
    no immigration is equally not ideal…
    somewhere in between lies the correct balance.
    In the UK and the US we’ve had huge influxes of immigrants which undoubtedly puts a strain on education and health provision.
    Both our governments have been negligent in stemming the flood of undocumented illegal immigrants – why, I don’t know – I guess they’re just not up to the job.
    But now we must be mindful not to swing too far the other way… balance in all things.

  2. olcranky

    I do adhere to the old Greek philosophy of moderation in all things. It usually works for the best. Regrettably the politics of the moment in the US favor the do nothing approach to this serious problem. Our native culture and heritage is at stake I believe. I don’t want to emulate Mexico and doubt you want to be Pakistani. I think we both allow enough immigrants each year with our respective legal inflows if only they were enforced.

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